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Carmala and Charles

Location: Rochester, NY
Married: May 31st, 2008

Our match was created on January 19th 2007. We noticed each other right away, but Carmala was a bit traditional about contacting Doug and decided to wait to see if he might contact her. Doug was a bit nervous about meeting people online and decided to take his time about getting used to the system. Carmala had a three year old daughter and was married previously, while Doug had never been married. Carmala thought that Doug might not be interested in someone with a child, and Doug thought that Carmala was "out of his league." Doug finally contacted Carmala on January 30th. We enjoyed our first exchanges and quickly made it to open communication. We hit is off immediately in email, and felt very comfortable writing each other. After a few days of long, inquisitive letters, we decided to meet up on February 5th. Within a few dates, we knew we had something special and we stopped our searches on eHarmony. For the next few months we were intoxicated with our affection for each other and were completely inseparable (. . . and we still are).
We are both professors at a university in New York State. In fact, Doug can see Carmala's office window from his window, and our buildings are connected to one another. Despite our close proximity, there is little chance that we could have met on campus as we are in different departments and neither of us would be looking for a date while at work. We love the simplicity of our lives together. We commute together, walk to our buildings together, meet each other at the end of the day, and go home together.
Carmala is a geologist and spends part of the summer doing field work in South America or Asia. She invited Doug (a mathematician who can do his work anywhere as long as he has pencil and paper) to join her for field work in Argentina in August 2007. Doug had a surprise in mind. Just after arriving in Mendoza, after a nice dinner and a bottle of Malbec (a wine that Mendoza is famous for), Doug proposed on the street in Mendezo. Carmala was completely surprised and happily accepted Doug's proposal.
We were married on May 31, 2008. Carmala's now 5-year-old daughter was our maid-of-honor, flower girl, and ring bearer. After one year and eight months together, we still marvel over our good fortune in having met each other. We truly believe that eHarmony had pegged our personalities and helped us to find each other. We have encouraged other friends who are looking for partners to try eHarmony. It worked so well for us.

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