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So Close Yet So Far

Leanne and Paul

Location: Wakefield, MA
Matched: November 11th, 2005

Dear eHarmony,

We want to write and thank you for introducing us. It seems odd, but in a town less than 4 miles wide, it took the help of eHarmony for my boyfriend Paul and I to find each other. If it wasn’t for your service, we would never have discovered our soul mates on the other side of town. Even though we both live in Wakefield, we had never met and would never have crossed paths -- our homes are at opposite ends of town, we shop in different stores, have kids in different school systems, and spent time at different activities on the weekend. In fact, one of the main reasons why we responded to each other’s profile and decided to meet was because we both had the same thought: dating someone in the same town? What a great commute! 

We had both been divorced for a long period of time and had dated a number of people over the years from near and far, and were, in all honesty, hopeful but skeptical that we would ever find an honest to goodness “true love” again. Both of us were hoping to meet someone nice through eHarmony, but neither of us expected to find such a rewarding and fulfilling relationship. The fact that we were from the same place was very funny. It added to an already nice surprise.

I initiated the contact, going through eHarmony’s series of questions and answers to get to know Paul. From each increasingly revealing response, I could tell that Paul was a good person and responsible dad to his kids. From his photo, I saw he had a great smile. I sent email suggesting we should at least meet and shake hands since we lived so close to each other. Lucky for me, Paul agreed that we should definitely get together.

I called Paul and we met for dinner at a local restaurant shortly after Christmas.  Paul and I talked all night about kids and travel (over some really good orange shrimp) losing track of time, until the restaurant closed. Then there was the good night kiss- simple and innocent enough, but -- WOW -- plenty of chemistry! Enough to lead us to another date, then another year of great conversations and good night kisses shared together.

Paul and I have a very special connection. We are very alike in how we approach life and treat those around us. This relationship, for both of us, is by far the most deeply rooted, solid and mutually rewarding, and we honestly believe it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for eHarmony.

Thank you, eHarmony for helping each of us find the perfect partner right in our own backyard!


Paul & Leanne

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