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eHarmony Success Stories

So Close Yet So Far

Megan and Paul

New Hartford, NY

I enjoyed reading his profile because his sense of humor shined through immediately. We had so much in common based on his profile. Both us value our friendships and a job well done. We had the same philosophies when it comes to life and love. We found out we actually went to the same college, were both residence assistants, and worked for the same hall director at that college, just at different times. We overlapped in our education by one semester. It was amazing to know that we could have met before!  I valued his sincerity as a person. We clicked immediately and I had a powerful feeling Paul would be an important part of my life. We lived 3 hours apart at the time, so we took a month to really get to know each other before driving a long distance to meet in person. After that first date, we both admitted we felt attracted to each other and wished to pursue the relationship, that we would overcome the distance. Over the next few months, we spent nearly every weekend together. My family fell in love with him instantly.  I moved myself and my three cats to Utica, NY in order to start my life with Paul. We began planning our wedding and just as importantly, plan our life. We have only grown closer and more in love as we go through day to day life. I feel that eHarmony was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I was confident in this service because of the level of personal details sought in order to make a match. I felt clients on this site were more communicative than on other sites because the reputation of this site brings a higher percentage of those people who are truly serious about making a successful match. I have since recommended to every single person I know who has internet access to try eHarmony.

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