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So Close Yet So Far

Margie and Jeremy

Location: Austin, TX
Married: November 18th, 2006

My friend called to tell me that she was going to join eHarmony and thought that I had best join too or I’d never meet anyone. Two days later, I checked my inbox and a man named Jeremy was waiting for me to reply to his request for communication. He seemed lovely and our personalities were incredibly similar. After a couple weeks of talking over the phone, we decided that we would meet for dinner. It was the most remarkable evening I’ve ever had and I knew that there was something divine about our relationship.

We were not only able to finish each other’s sentences; we were able to finish each other’s thoughts! It was as though I would inhale and he would exhale. We were “one” from the very beginning. For years, we lived less than a half a block away from each other, shopped at the same grocery store, banked at the same bank…it was nuts!!! We were so close, but so far apart. We know that without eHarmony, we would never have crossed paths. Thank you eHarmony! We are forever grateful!




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