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So Close Yet So Far

Alyssa and Michael

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Married: August 13th, 2011

We met for the first time on January 13, 2010. Both of us were pretty worn out of the dating game. Picky beyond belief (Michael's friends used to think he was like Jerry Seinfeld when it came to dating). But when we met each other, we hit it off. We had a ton in common, but at the same time we were both cautious.  

Michael was 42, never been married, never had children. I am 36 and spent my whole life working on my career and education. I have no children, but I have a Ph.D. which didn't always work in my favor--too driven!!! Michael was neither intimidated by me, nor intimidating (he's a lawyer and has a master's degree and is humble).  

He was (and is) sweet, wonderful, and patient, but he moved at a glacial pace--that's just his style. But I was just as patient (being cautious). It was 9 months of exclusive dating before we told each other we loved each other...even though I think we had been in love for quite awhile.

We were engaged 13 months into our relationship and married 6 months later.

I think I am the luckiest woman in the world. He is such a wonderful man and husband. Our personalities, faith, our love of travel, work, education, animals, etc., complement each other just right. And we are very much in love.   Thank you, eHarmony, for bringing me the man that far exceeded all my dreams. He was worth the 36-year wait!

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