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So Close Yet So Far

Steve and Teresa

Location: Vacaville, CA
Married: February 14th, 2009

We met on eHarmony but we actually went to high school together. We knew of each other but didn't know each other very much. It’s kind of funny because we lived in the same town for ten years after graduating high school but never ran into each other.

We have since discovered that we have been linked in a few ways but never actually came in contact with each other. For example: Since junior high school I have had my hair cut by a woman named Camille who is Teresa's uncle's niece. Also Teresa is a phlebotomist at a hospital and she does legal blood alcohol draws for local law enforcement. After that the police officer then brings the criminals to me at the sheriff's office where I work as a sergeant. I also had a really good friend who lived in the same apartment complex as Teresa did and I was there quite frequently. At one time I almost decided to move in to the same apartment complex as her but chose another one instead. It was truly eHarmony that helped bring us together even though we lived so close to each other. It was because of eHarmony that we came into each other lives again. Maybe it's possible that we might have eventually but it was eHarmony that told one another that we both sought the same thing.

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