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Bridget and Ryan

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Married: December 27th, 2008

Ryan and I are both Americans living and working in Switzerland. He lives in Zurich and works as an investment banker and I live in Lausanne and work as an international school teacher. We had found it difficult to meet people outside of our lines of work, so we sought the help of eHarmony.

We both first tried eHarmony during a “free weekend.” We communicated via the website for the entire weekend. We got just up to the open communication phase, but not in time before the special ended. Soon enough, Ryan subscribed to get my information and our communication began. After about a month, he offered to come to Lausanne to go out to dinner. The qualities that we value so much are things that don’t come out in a first or second date, but we’re both sure that Dr. Warren made sure we both valued the same things before he introduced us to one another.

I knew after the first few weeks of dating that Ryan was truly someone very special for me. We decided to delve deeper to discover if this is really as good as we think it is, so we both read Dr. Warren’s book, Falling in Love for All the Right Reasons. Our relationship progressed from there, which was not difficult for us because we had the 29 dimensions of compatibility! We traveled Europe together, went to surf camp in Portugal together, skied the Swiss Alps together, and visited each other every weekend. Eventually, we began to talk about relocation. I was offered a job to teach in Zurich and our life will grow from here as we are now engaged and will continue to live as expats in Europe, never happier! Our story has been an inspiration to so many expats who are traveling and following their heart by doing what they love, however they want to share it with someone special. eHarmony is becoming increasingly popular among expats in Europe as people see how successful eHarmony is in matching the right people for a great relationship.

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