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Richard and Jamie

Location: Norfolk, England
Married: August 1st, 2008

If 15 months ago someone had told me that I would meet my soul mate, wife, best friend and lover on eHarmony I would have laughed, but that is exactly what has happened and her name is Jamie. Both of us were recovering from broken relationships but neither of us had given up on the fact that there was someone special out there for us.

I lived in Norfolk in the UK and Jamie, Central Valley, California, 5400 miles apart. After some great weekends in Ireland a spell in England, hundreds of emails, hours talking on the phone and the internet I went over to CA for a few months. We married on August the 1st and we will now be living in the UK. Joining eHarmony was the best move I have ever made and I would never have met Jamie if I hadn’t, Now I cannot imagine my life without her. Thanks eHarmony for making us both very happy.

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