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Adam and Keri

Location: New York, NY
Married: August 6th, 2005

We spoke on the phone for the first time on a Sunday evening. We spoke for about an hour. We just kept talking and talking like we have known each other for years. Our first date was the Wednesday that followed. We met at a bar in May 2004. The conversation again just flowed never a lull. We were there for a few hours and we both just really enjoyed speaking with each other.

We had a lot in common. We actually grew up about 10 minutes away from each other. We met for dinner the next week and had a great time.  We were very comfortable with each other from the start. It was very natural. Before we knew it, people were telling each of us how happy we seemed. How obvious it was that we found the right person.

In February, we went back to the bar that we went to for the first time and that is where we became engaged. We were married in NYC on August 6, 2005. We are so happy and in love. We were both on another dating site as well. We both agree that eHarmony is so much better for a few reasons.

The other sites are like window shopping. There is really no substance. It is easy to make things up and you never know who is telling the truth. eHarmony's way of matching people is so much better. The introduction is already made so there is less pressure on each other. We thank eHarmony for bringing us together and we continue to recommend it to our single friends looking to meet that special someone.

Thank you.

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