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Steve and Lisa

Location: San Diego, CA
Married: May 19th, 2007

Back in February I met this amazing woman from eHarmony. I was really skeptical about the whole process but I had a few great men encourage me to join (thanks Commodore and Chaplain, two great naval officers). After putting in my search criteria I was getting many responses from all of the U.S. I was really shocked and a little put off, however I went through the 4 step process with a few of them and met two in person, Lisa and another lady. The other lady was not quite what I was looking for in the personality dept.  Lisa is nice with an amazing caring heart and giving one.

I got to step 3 with Lisa and just cancelled my eHarmony account as did she. Lisa was visiting her sister in San Francisco when I called her cell phone. Little did I realize that we had spent more than three hours on the phone. I hate the phone, however this lady kept me on it. Later that night I had to say hello to her again and another two hours went by. I knew something was there with regards to meeting a wonderful person.

What is really bizarre about meeting Lisa is that she only lived one mile from me here in Los Angeles. Also when I first moved to L.A. the people I rented my condo from tried to set me up with her and I never went out with them. Plus, the group I have been hanging out since my arrival to L.A. have known her for the last seven years, in fact a few of them were in post grad school with her.

It really is a small world... Last month I put on my Navy dress whites with full medals and asked Lisa to marry me. We plan on marring next May before I transfer away from Los Angeles to San Diego.

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