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Linda and Dan

Location: Kitty Hawk, NC
Married: July 23rd, 2005

The wedding invitation read "Old Coach Meets Old Pompom Girl."

On Saturday, July 23rd, 2005 two young at hearts were united in marriage and committed to a life of love and partnership which would never have been possible without eHarmony (and a bit of family prodding). Dan, 69, of Freeland, Michigan and Linda, 68, of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina were matched online in September of 2004.

Dan, a semi-retired high school track and field coach, had recently lost his wife of 50 years. To help ease the pain of his loss, Dan allowed very little free time for himself and further dedicated himself to his young athletes and school competition. When there was an absence of track meets or training, Dan could often be found mowing the green athletic fields. His three daughters were concerned. Coping with their own feelings at the loss of their mother was hard enough, but to see their father suffering was extremely painful. The girls encouraged him to start dating again. "Dad, you're not going to meet anyone out here mowing grass" they'd tell him. In his heart he knew they were right (but he'd never admit that to his daughters for Pete's sake!).

Linda, on the other hand, had been single for 32 years. Most of her life was dedicated to raising her two girls and running a small business. There was little time to even contemplate a relationship. In a small town, the pickings were slim, the outlook bleak. The lonely nights after work were spent giving her love to her pets, being supportive to her daughters in their lives, and falling asleep on the couch to the sounds of the television by 7:30 PM. It was not the life she wanted to live but she was too exhausted to try to get a new hand in the cards she had obviously been dealt. Unbeknownst to Dan and Linda, changes in their quiet lives were coming. The winds of change were near. Cupid cried, "Batten down the hatches for this one, baby!"

Both Dan and Linda had seen the advertisements for eHarmony. Both wondered if there was really someone out there, a special person, who was looking too . . . Linda's daughters encouraged her to sign on. Dan's daughters did the same. As the matches rolled in, all the girls offered advice, and words of encouragement. Linda's son-in-law even got involved, scrutinizing potential suitors. Within a month of subscribing to eHarmony, the match popped up. Communications between Dan and Linda started with simple emails, then short phone calls. Within days, three to four hour conversations were not unusual. As their relationship progressed, Linda would get phone calls from Dan sending her musical messages in love songs played from his stereo. With song titles like "Water from the Moon," and "Surrender," who wouldn't love the romantic? Linda was smitten, but kept hearing her mother's words, "Run as fast as you can and let him catch you." She did.

He pursued, traveling many miles, over and over again, to be with her and to relish this new found love. Linda slowed down, then finally stopped running, realizing that her fear of dating after so many years of being alone were unfounded. She was in love and it felt so comfortable.

Well, the rest is history. It's been a fairy tale for both us, and our families, to unite in what has been a love journey of two souls who have finally found a love we never thought possible. We believe this love came at the right time, the right place, and has brought us so much joy. Our family has grown, in love and in hope, and we thank eHarmony. For, without some prodding, this bouquet would never have come to flower.

Young love is wonderful but love in the autumn years, well, is a gift. Linda

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