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Kara and Christian

Location: East Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Engaged: January 30th, 2013

Most of my friends were all settling down and going out every weekend just wasn't as fun anymore. Christian joined because, at age 24, he had never been involved in a serious relationship and was looking for the companionship that comes along with a commitment. Not to mention that both of us had previously used a competing website and had no luck. 

   At first glance, Christian and I may seem like an unlikely pair. We had different upbringings because of our heritage, our families and the demographics & geographical locations of where we grew up. Our levels of education and our chosen professions are also quite different. However, despite all of the qualities that make us dissimilar, eHarmony was able to match us based on all of the qualities, values, interests, hopes and dreams that we share. I can honestly say that we never would have met if it hadn't been for eHarmony. 

   It was a slow start for us as we got to know each other, yet there was always something intangible that kept drawing us towards one another. Perhaps it's how he makes me laugh or the twinkle in eyes (as my friends have commented on) when he tells a story or because being in his presence simply makes me feel better, more at ease. 

   Fast forward to present day... It's March of 2013 and we recently got engaged at the tail end of January. We've bridged the gap between our two geographic locations and have lived together for over a year. I can completely be myself around him and I know he has no qualms about being himself around me. Christian is my best friend and, now that I know him, I couldn't imagine spending any part of the rest of my life without him. I love him. 

   Now we get to embark upon the exciting journey of planning our 2014 wedding! 

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