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Catherine and Ralph

New York, NY and Groton, CT

Ralph’s profile got me excited because he had traveled to Paris and took some amazing pictures of statues and the Eiffel tower (he always photographs me now and it makes me feel so beautiful and special). His optimistic and open-minded attitude also shined through. He didn't say much in his profile but his words were powerful.

From the telephone conversations to the dates that followed, our love, trust, and faith in each other grew to a point where we each knew we were it for one another.

We are both so giving to one another.  It's the best feeling and we are so happy together.  Our wedding was magical and the best day of my life. The love and support from our families was amazing.

Now, I wake up every day to his beautiful smile and a big hug and kiss, and I come home to my best friend, who I share the details of my day with and my life aspirations. He motivates me. I take pride in making him feel good too and in being there for him.

Please, do not give up on meeting your match. I know you have to go on a lot of dates but when you find the one, you know. It's totally worth it.

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