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Jonathan and Amanda

Location: Texarkana, TX
Engaged: March 22nd, 2009

Jonathan and myself, Amanda, met through eHarmony in November 2007. I sought someone with whom I felt a deeper connection, whose values, points of view and attitude toward life was similar to mine, and also someone that was willing to be open and learn from the our differences since we are each unique people.

I wanted to give eHarmony a try because it is different. I wanted get to know him from the inside out, and meet a person that was interested in pursuing a serious, meaningful relationship instead of just something temporary.

Jonathan moved to a small town for his career a few months before we met, and he decided to join eHarmony for many of the same reasons as I, and also because he didn’t feel a connection with anyone that he met in this new place.

Jonathan had been a member of eHarmony for several months, and I for only two days when we were matched. We followed the guided communication (which I recommend to everyone) and after few messages in open communication we started talking through an IM service, then finally over the phone. We felt an instant connection with each other from the very beginning, and the two thousand mile distance between us (I living in Puerto Rico and he in Texas) were not a problem. We talked for 6 months over the phone before we decided to meet in person. And when we finally did meet face to face, it was a fantastic feeling, an instant click, as if we knew each other forever.

I ended up moving to Texas shortly thereafter. We are both super happy together. We make a great team; we enjoy each other’s company, and love doing many of the same activities with one another. We both feel that it was really nice to be able to get to know a person really well, starting from the inside, before adventuring into a relationship, and eHarmony made this possible for us.

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