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Shelly and Richard

Location: Springfield, VA
Married: June 2nd, 2007

When my hearing loss declined to the severe-profound level about 10 years ago, I was beset with the challenge of being able to communicate effectively. Those special people who are open to and willing to accept a partner with significant physical challenges – especially at the very beginning of a relationship – are few, far between, and VERY difficult to find. After being a member for just under two months, you sent me the profile of a most intriguing gentleman, Richard, who also has a bit of a challenge – he’s totally blind.

Following the death of his wife, Richard realized that using the conventional means of dating and meeting that special someone would be rather difficult. A friend recommended that he try an online dating service, and he decided to give eHarmony a shot.

We are constantly delighted to discover more and more things about each other that we have in common and how well we’re finding we can meet each others’ needs! Richard is just like me -- only in male form and blind instead of deaf! I have never felt so much constant joy in all my life! Ever since we became a "couple", I’ve felt nothing but motivated to be the best person I can be!

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