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Cary and Jason
I've never been more compatible with someone or felt so secure in a relationship. Just letting you know that we gave birth to our daughter Sophie December 13, 2008. She's perfect, and we wanted to thank you once again for bringing us together.
  • From: Crossville, TN
  • |
  • Married: March 4th, 2006

Jamie and Jeffery
Shortly after celebrating our third wedding anniversary we had the arrival of our first child, our daughter Adaline Christeel on March 19, 2009. We wanted to say thanks again, for if we hadn't used eHarmony, we wouldn't have our beautiful daughter today!
  • From: Tacoma, WA
  • |
  • Married: February 25th, 2006

John and Galit
On May 3rd, 2007 we were married and continued our journey together. Our story continues to be a fairy tale; we were blessed with a daughter, Eliyah, exactly one year after we were married May 3rd 2008. She is more than I could have imagined and my wife with Galit is more than I could have dreamed.
  • From: Langhorne, PA
  • |
  • Married: May 5th, 2007

Allurynn and Doug
We would like to introduce you to our new Baby. Doug and I met on eHarmony and we married May 3, 2003. We became an instant family, since I already had a daughter and son. Then 3 years later, we were very blessed and excited to find out we were expecting. Our Son Keagan was born May 1, 2007 and now we have three wonderful children.
  • From: Bayfield, CO
  • |
  • Married: May 3rd, 2003

Dean and Chollet
I have never been so happy and never thought I could ever feel this way. It's just tremendous and simply indescribable.
  • From: Havana, FL
  • |
  • Married: October 22nd, 2005

Angie and Dale
Now we have a wonderful 2 year old daughter and a set of boy/girl twins. What a blessing that all started with eHarmony! Thank you!
  • From: Olney, IL
  • |
  • Married: April 5th, 2003

Shannon and Brent
We are now expecting our second baby....a baby boy, the next two weeks! Our sweet little Emma is now 19 months, and Brent and I couldn't be happier! The only thing that has changed is that we love each other even more now than we did then!
  • From: Gallatin, TN
  • |
  • Married: April 17th, 2004

Julie and Mat
eHarmony is the best thing Mat and I have ever done! I also wanted to let them know that we have a beautiful baby girl, Emma. We truly thank eHarmony for the service it provides. My life has completely changed because of it.
  • From: Midlothian, VA
  • |
  • Married: March 17th, 2006

Amber and Kyle
When I last wrote you we were expecting but have since had our daughter, Zoe. She was born at 12:15am on Father's Day, June 18, another miracle eHarmony has allowed us to receive after having not been able to get pregnant for 20 years.
  • From: Bakersfield, CA
  • |
  • Married: November 20th, 2005

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