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Amber and Kyle

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Married: November 20th, 2005

The first thing that attracted me to my match was his sensitivity and open heartedness. I've found that a lot of people are scarred by past relationships and seem to hold back a little. Kyle was very open right at his introduction profile and I found that endearing. We also went through the same physical changes with about 200 pounds lost between us and the love of weight lifting and physical activity we shared struck a chord in me as well.  Our first date was in Bakersfield. He was supposed to drive down on a Sunday and take me to brunch, but when he found out my birthday plans with my daughter fell through, he drove down the day before and got a hotel room (after asking my permission) and we met at my favorite local Mexican restaurant. We had a wonderful time and hit it off so well, I knew it was love right then. We went to Lake Tahoe and he proposed. A week after he proposed, I turned in my notice and moved to Visalia with him and we were married in Tahoe on November 20th.  eHarmony is a wonderful site. We’ve both tried other sites and we both found that people were really only interested in the physical and financial side of things. I have recommended eHarmony to a lot of people and even did my persuasion speech in my public speaking class at college on eHarmony. I love eHarmony and we are both indebted to you.  My husband and I are still very much in love and we are beginning a real estate investment venture together. I have never met a man more in tune with my needs and my dreams. When I last wrote you we were expecting but have since had our daughter, Zoe. She was born at 12:15am on Father's Day, June 18, another miracle eHarmony has allowed us to receive after having not been able to get pregnant for 20 years.   We are so indebted to the people at eHarmony for their professionalism and dedication to helping people find true love. We will be celebrated our one year anniversary in November. PS. I have sent a picture of our daughter. She is a beautiful red haired blue eyed angel. Thanks again!  Amber and Kyle

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