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Jenna and Steve

Location: Three Rivers, Quebec
Matched: August 4th, 2012

I decided to join eharmony to see if it was something that could work for me. I met alot of nice people and chatted with a couple of interesting guys. One day as I was scrolling through my "what if" section I came across Steves profile and his handsome grin caught my attention so I sent him a harmless ice breaker.

Little did I know that little click of the button was the faithful move would lead me to the love of my life. Steve reciprocated his interest through a polite little message asking me questions to get to know me better... Meanwhile my job, which required me to travel by plane to remote northern communities had taken me on my newest assignment to a remote community called Kawawachikamach.

The village had very limited internet access and no cell service and so it took about a week until we could actually start chatting but when we did, it was an instant hit. We set up a skype date and chatted for about two hours that first night. During the next few months our skype dates became longer and longer and we started to correspond daily. As faith would have it he also worked in youth protection! (We had more in common than we could have guessed!).

One day we were chatting and i mentioned that i was planning on heading to Newfoundland to spend a long weekend with my family. In the spurt of the moment i half jokinly proposed he meet me there and to my surprise he wasn't against the idea! And so, on the spurt of the moment, that friday he drove to montreal hoped on the plane and landed in Deer Lake NL early saturday morning. The weekend couldn't have been more special... We spent hours chatting over wine, we went on a boat ride, fished, hiked, hang out on terrasses and soaked in the sun.

At the end of the weekend I heavyheartedly dropped him off at the airport and made my way back home. Luckily, as faith would have it, before meeting Steve I was already in the midst of planning a move to Montreal to pursue more schooling and see what my northern career experience could offer me in the big city. And so, mid september I packed my little car and drove to Montreal where I settle in a little appartment on the plateau.

With only two hours separating us Steve and I spent all of our spare time together, roaming the charming street of downtown montreal, taking in movies, trying out trendy's safe to say we were falling for each other. The fall ame and went and, although my school applications were advancing I still hadn't found a job. I decided to take advantage of my time off and spend the holidays with my family back in newfoundland and in January, instead of going back to Montreal... I decided to try my luck in Three Rivers. Steve had spent the holidays visiting apartments and was able to secure me a quaint place before I got back to town.

Today, Steve and I are happy in love... He cooks a mean steak and I make him laugh... It's a pretty sweet deal :) It's been about 9 months since our first contact on eharmony and I've been thankful everyday since. His presence in my life has been a game changer. How lucky am I to be able to have met someone I can see myself spending my life with? 

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