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Joan and Tony

Stony Plain, Alberta

We communicated through eHarmony and via emails for about 3 weeks and the first time we talked on the phone there was a connection.  From the first phone call Tony rarely missed a night when we did not talk and we eventually met at a family golf tournament in August.  The similarities in our histories (both of us had lost our spouses to cancer) and family connections (we both have strong connections with our late spouses’ families) were uncanny. 

Because of the distance between us, visiting for a weekend about once a month just wasn’t enough and in October I came to Edmonton for a two week stay that turned into three and a half weeks.  By Christmas we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and we were engaged on Valentine’s Day and married on April 10 in Las Vegas.

Without e Harmony our life paths never would have crossed and we just want to thank you so much for the service you provide.  We proudly tell people we met though eHarmony and that there actually is a dating service out there that works! Thank you again.


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