eHarmony Press Coverage en-us © 2000-2011 eHarmony, Inc. Fri, 15 Dec 2017 10:26:59 -0800 40 Re-Engaged "We’re growing at a rate of between 20,000 and 30,000 new end-of-period subscribers a month. We’ve really grown it back up. We’ve gotten big again. We think we will have some stellar years." November 4, 2013 A New Board Member for eHarmony "Online relationship company said it had added Dr. William Weyerhaeuser to its board. A retired clinical psychologist, he serves on several public company boards, such as the Columbia Banking System." October 9, 2013 eHarmony moves into job recruiting business "We can use the algorithms that we have learned how to develop to make sure that a person gets into the job that will be a good job for them." September 19, 2013 How To Look Good In Your Online Dating Profile Picture "Jeannie Assimos, Director of Content for eHarmony’s Advice department, says men specifically are attracted to red. What’s easier than putting on your favorite red shirt?" July 31, 2013 Vaclav Petricek - Hadoop Summit 2013 Our very own Vaclav Petricek speaks at Hadoop Summit 2013 June 27, 2013 Does Online Dating Really Lead to Better Marriages? "There’s also the idea that people tend to be more relaxed and candid when they’re not in person and contending with facial cues and body language. 'When people aren't anxious, they may fill out their profiles more honestly,' says Langston. And that transparency can save time when weeding out potential suitors." June 6, 2013 Can Dating Online Lead to Happier Marriages?!901292B9-439C-4B1B-820C-FFEBA7A4FDC6 "About 12 years ago when eHarmony got started I imagine it was about 2% of all marriages where people actually met online. Now we find that 35% of all those marriages out of a sample of 19,131, 35% of them met online." June 5, 2013 eHarmony CEO on Service for Matching People for Jobs "We are thinking that if we have gotten pretty good at matching people for marriage maybe we could be that good in matching people for jobs." June 5, 2013 University of Chicago study: One-third of recent marriages began online “Lead author John Cacioppo, a psychologist and director of the University of Chicago’s Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience, says dating sites may ‘attract people who are serious about getting married.'” June 5, 2013 Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences reveals online romances are happier and longer lasting “Online singles may be more motivated to form a long-term relationship and online matching algorithms may also play a role, he suggested.” June 4, 2013 Meeting Your Spouse Online May Lead to a Better Marriage “Two independent statisticians oversaw and verified the analysis of the data. In addition, the company agreed from the start that the results would be published no matter what they were, that EHarmony would not be a focus of the study, and that all data would remain public.” June 3, 2013 Friend Me … Now Put a Ring on It: A Third of Recently Married Folks Met Online, Study Says “He(Dr. Warren)thinks people looking for a future spouse online take more time getting to know each other before getting serious than real-world suitors do.” June 3, 2013 Study: A Third of New Marriages Began With Online Meetings "'These data suggest that the Internet may be altering the dynamics and outcomes of marriage itself,' John Cacioppo the study's lead author, said in a statement.” June 3, 2013 Online Dating Really Can Lead to Love “John Cacioppo, a psychologist at the University of Chicago in Illinois, wondered how online dating has changed American family life. Enough time has passed that millions of Americans who first met online are now married, a population large enough for traditional psychological survey techniques.” June 3, 2013 Marriage, Divorce and How People Meet “According to our exclusive interview with Dr. Cacioppo, this is a ‘dramatic increase compared to the figures reported earlier this millennia.’” June 3, 2013 Online Dating: The Secret to a Happy Marriage? “More than a third of married couples in that time met on the Internet. These couples tended to be happier in their relationships than couples who met offline, the researchers report this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.” June 3, 2013 Marriages Forged on the Internet May Last Longer “Still, lead author John Cacioppo, of the University of Chicago, said it should give comfort to anyone who fears that meeting online isn't the best way to begin a romantic relationship.” June 3, 2013 Marriage from online meetings is more stable, satisfying “The survey also provided some hints about what to avoid if you want to experience higher marital satisfaction. For real-world relationships, these include blind dates, bars, and meeting your future spouse through work. If it's online, stay away from chat rooms and virtual worlds.” June 3, 2013 More Satisfaction, Less Divorce for People Who Meet Spouses Online “'Meeting online is no longer an anomaly, and the prospects are good,' says lead author John Cacioppo, a professor of social psychology at the University of Chicago. 'That was surprising to me. I didn’t expect that.'” June 3, 2013 Online daters do better in the marriage stakes “But there were notable differences in marital satisfaction between users of different sites. For example, those who married a spouse they met on eHarmony rated their marriages more highly than did those who met on Match, who were in turn more satisfied than those who met their spouse on Yahoo Personals.” June 3, 2013 Online Couples More Satisfied In Relationships “They questioned 19,131 respondents from across the United States who got married between 2005 and 2012, and found the percentage of marital break-ups was lower for those who met their partners online (6%) than in more traditional places (8%).” June 3, 2013 Online Dating Leads to "More Successful" Marriages, Study “Researchers found that couples who met online were more likely to have higher marital satisfaction less likely to have marital breakups than relationships that began in face-to-face meetings.” June 3, 2013 A Social Revolution Behind the scenes with eHarmony's Dr. Neil Clark Warren, talking love, marriage and a social revolution. June 3, 2013 Dating site to join the job search market "...65% of all people are unhappy with their job and that is a pretty big social problem and we think we can fix it." May 23, 2013 Tried to Make eHarmony More User Friendly: Warren "The big redesign for us is that we have decide to move in the direction of being a relationship company." May 17, 2013 eHarmony Rolls Out Cleaner, Magazine-Style Redesign “With the eHarmony redesign, Mishra said they wanted to focus on empowering the user, making sure visual hierarchy matched what the user was looking for and ensuring the site was human and emotional.” May 14, 2013 eHarmony has helped you get a date. Can it help you get a job? “At a time when many Americans are still struggling to find work, eHarmony is gambling that it can win users over with an approach that prioritizes the kind of personal, emotional qualities that are difficult to discern from a résumé or a LinkedIn profile.” May 14, 2013 Seniors find age can be an advantage in online dating “Depcik was resigned to being alone until she attended a wedding where watching happy, dancing couples left her feeling depressed. On the drive home, she heard an ad for a free three-day day membership on eHarmony. A believer in the rule of three, she decided to join, where after logging in a few times she saw the same photo of a man with “the sweetest smile ever” three times. It was a sign.” May 10, 2013 Marrying after 50? Tackle these money issues first "When accountant Richard Grebinger connected with teacher Cindy Lambert on the dating website eHarmony in February 2011, they 'knew instantly that we wanted to be together,'" February 27, 2013 eHarmony's Founder Explains the Joys of Breaking Up "Warren and the new executive team now meet for two hours every morning to discuss the company's new strategy. Befitting a company whose expertise is helping people get along, Warren says the new team is much more in alignment than the previous team." February 14, 2013 A Match Made in the Code "Unlike many other Web dating services, eHarmony doesn't let customers search for partners on their own. They pay up to $60 per month to be offered matches based on their answers to a long questionnaire, which currently has about 200 items. The company has gathered answers from 44 million people, and says that its matches have led to more than half a million marriages since 2005." February 11, 2013 eHarmony is “Killin’ It” With Mobile – and How You Can Do The Same "'eHarmony's mobile conversions are up 40% year-over-year.' They are doing something right. With over 1 billion smartphones on the planet, 1 in 7 searches done via phone, and up to half of all email being checked on a phone, eHarmony is on the ball." February 8, 2013 Which Dating Site Delivers the Love? vs. eHarmony? "[EHarmony] is much more real," Vasquez says, comparing each company's banner ads. "You can tell they're not trying to be gimmicky. It feels normal. Especially with the banner: 'Find the person that's right for you.'" February 1, 2013 Hire Your Soulmate? eHarmony Could Be Onto Something "Langston added: 'We don't want you making hiring decisions based on four to five superficial data points. We want to give you 40 data points. We want to give you a much deeper connection.'" January 10, 2013 Single and Ready to Mingle "With big, splashy icons and graphics that include a large 'cover photo' (steal from Facebook much?), eHarmony is the best designed of all the dating sites." January 10, 2013 eHarmony to Help Employers Find That Special Someone "'We know that it's between 50 and 75 percent of all people say they're not really happy with the jobs they currently have,' says Neil Clark Warren, the founder and CEO of eHarmony. 'We're trying to bring to bear some of the algorithms that we've already understood from all of the work we've done on matching people for marriage.'" January 8, 2013 Looking for love: New Year marks high season for online dating "'I think if a person's got a New Year's resolution to get serious about meeting somebody, the best thing they can do is to look for a service that's serious about it' Langston said. 'Because you'd have to go out to a lot of bars on a lot of nights to cover the same amount of ground that you could cover in an hour.'" January 6, 2013 Dating Website 'High Season' Means More Fish in the Sea January 3, 2013 How to find love in 2013 “…the next most important thing is to find somebody to love that is a lot like you. You don’t want to have to argue over every little thing.” January 2, 2013 eHarmony founder has his heart set on reviving the dating site,0,496523.story "We have a good trajectory coming up," said Armen Avedissian, eHarmony's new chief operating officer. "We've got over 1.2 million people who have been married using the eHarmony services. We're going to try to expand it into other industries and see how far that takes us." December 13, 2012 Matchmaking Comes to Jobs: eHarmony to Launch Job Board “When describing recruitment technology and job matching services, many companies try to describe their product offering as “the eHarmony of job search“. If eHarmony is to introduce their own job matching service, it appears now that, well… only eHarmony will be the eHarmony of job search.” December 6, 2012 eHarmony Founder Breaks Up With Investors to Reboot “Warren sees multiple opportunities for growth. He estimates that of the 120 million single people in the country, only 5 million are on a dating or relationship site, so just getting more to gravitate to the Web will expand the market.” December 3, 2012 eHarmony CEO: The 'Bad Date' Rescue App "We created the Bad Date Rescue App, basically, as a fun and engaging way to both save people from a bad date and get them into a great date." July 11, 2012 Single on Valentine’s Day? "NewsFeed asked Grant Langston, eHarmony’s senior director of social media and advice blog coordinator, to walk us through the most overused phrases on online dating profiles. 'Your challenge is standing out,' he says." February 14, 2012 Head, heart need to connect in finding love, nurturing relationship "Jeannie Assimos, a spokesperson for eHarmony, emphasized the importance of realizing what didn’t go right in your previous relationship and learning from that. 'After a divorce, it is sometimes much clearer what you want and what you don't want', she said." February 12, 2012 Valentine's Day Tips From Love Experts "Dr. Gonzaga: After a break-up, whether it ends in divorce, bereavement, or mutual agreement, there needs to be a period of grief and adjustment before you dive into dating again. If you are still emotionally affected by the past relationship, you won't attract the kind of person who will be best for you when the good times return." February 10, 2012 Cupid Year-Round "The online dating service eHarmony Inc. moved in 2010 to this building in Santa Monica, Calif., from Pasadena, Calif., so it could be closer to other Internet businesses. Its neighbors include venture-backed start-ups and established brands like Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc." February 10, 2012 Singles looking for special experience on Valentine's Day "'People are really interested in experience gifts, rather than object gifts,' said Gian Gonzaga, a social psychologist with the dating website eHarmony... 'The traditional gifts are great but don't sacrifice the experience with someone for more traditional gifts.'" February 9, 2012 Valentine's Day surprise proposal "Little did Ann Stensaas know, but she and Bill Shorts first Valentine’s Day together would turn into her engagement story." February 9, 2012 Putting the Honey Back in 'Honey, I'm Home' "In an ongoing longitudinal study of 300 couples in the first five years of marriage, researchers at the dating site eHarmony, found that relationship satisfaction declines when an individual talks about a bad event with a partner who isn't supportive. And the couple is more likely to argue the next day. If the partner is supportive, the study found, relationship satisfaction stays steady and the couple is less likely to argue." October 4, 2011 I'm Married... Now What? "Many couples expect their first year of marriage to be nothing short of a fairy tale and are caught by surprise when the first year proves to be filled with challenges as opposed to an extended period of honeymoon bliss." October 3, 2011 Mondays with Marlo, with Dr. Gian Gonzaga "…what we think of as the science of love is distilling all of the wisdom of all of the people who have been in relationships and being able to take that knowledge and organize it so that other people who are entering into relationships can use it and make their own relationships stronger." September 12, 2011 On Second Thought, Don't Get Married "I'm not trying to say that marriage is not in trouble. I am trying to say that there are some clear answers to the question of how marriage can get uniformly more satisfying for the people involved. And this I firmly believe: When done right, marriage can be the greatest institution on earth." July 5, 2011 Kathie Lee and Hoda With The Scoop "There is a survey out called 'What men and women really want in a relationship'...What we found interesting is the top for are the same. Men and Women actually want the same thing." June 16, 2011 Cloud CIO: In Defense of Corporate IT "It might be tempting to portray eHarmony as a different kind of animal-an online business that relies on IT-but that would be a mistake. Every company is becoming that kind of animal, no matter what business it is in." June 15, 2011 "The kind of humor that men like... if you are wondering because certain women have that bawdy kind of crass sense of humor...guys do not like a wise ass...they do like sarcasm...and they love a juvenile sense of humor." June 3, 2011 A Funny Way to Win Her Over "According to a new survey from eHarmony, women are most attracted to men who use dry, sarcastic humor. Men are into women who deploy juvenile 'guy' humor... 'If you see eye-to-eye on humor, that helps with compatibility,' says Gian Gonzaga, PhD, Senior Director for Research and Development at eHarmony." June 3, 2011 Survey: Women Who Use 'Guy Humor' Get All the Guys "According to a study of 331,138 eHarmony male users, the style of humor that men most appreciate from a woman is 'sarcastic,' followed by 'juvenile', 'geeky' or 'raw.'" May 25, 2011 Dating: What Kind of Humor Are You Attracted To? "eHarmony found that men preferred women with a sarcastic sense of humor. Women dig men with dry senses of humor. And most fascinating of all, was the trend that guys shared that they went for 'women who use 'guy humor'—sarcastic, juvenile, geeky or raw.'" May 25, 2011 STUDY: Men Prefer Woman Who Use "A recent eHarmony study found that a sense of humor is the number one 'Must Have' that both men and women are looking for in a partner." May 25, 2011 Learning to date again after a divorce: It takes practice "Gonzaga thinks people who have been divorced can be at an advantage - they know what works for them and what doesn't - but only if they take time to reflect deeply on the last relationship. 'Then,' he continues, 'you need to use these criteria as a platform for [screening] new people.'" February 19, 2011 "Amy Anderson already gave her heart to her fiance. Now she's giving him her kidney...The couple met in August 2009 on the dating website" February 14, 2011 "Since the institutions that used to control the dating market — families, churches, clubs — have lost their grip, eHarmony stepped in as a new guiding hand, picking your best matches according to their secret recipe for love, and reviving the cozy paternalism of the old dating regime." February 14, 2011 Dating the Second Time Around "Gonzaga is the senior director of research and development at, one of many dating websites that have sprouted online over the last decade. His book, 'Dating the Second Time Around: Finding Love That Lasts,' is packed with practical advice for people eager to give dating another shot." February 11, 2011 What Are Your Relationship Deal Breakers? "eHarmony has analyzed the 'must have' and 'can't stand' responses of nearly 720,000 members, identifying the top 10 relationship deal breakers for men and women... These are the positive and negative qualities that are nonnegotiable and help the couple decide if they want to pursue a dating relationship." February 1, 2011 High-Earning Women Want Hot Older Men "'In the data I've seen, women always want higher earning men,' Gonzaga says. Among eHarmony users, women who earned more valued a potential partner's income even more. In fact, women in the $250,000+ income bracket placed the greatest emphasis on money, he says..." January 7, 2011 "The matchmaking software gathers 600 data points for each user, including how often they log in, who they search for, and what characteristics are shared by the people they actually contact. According to Essas, eHarmony has used this information to predict how likely it is that two people will engage in conversation, which helps determine which matches will be suggested on any given day. 'How do we get people talking to each other to recognize their commonalities?' he asks. The new software, he says, gets more such conversations started, 'with 34 percent more back-and-forth communication compared to a year ago.'" December 27, 2010 Online Dating Enjoying a Boom Among Boomers,8599,2033283,00.html "'Isn't it dangerous going online? I hear this from the older set who aren't quite as used to having their lives online as the younger generation is,' says Gian Gonzaga, senior director of research at, which has also experienced a boost in interest from the 50-plus crowd." November 26, 2010 Head of Dating Site eHarmony Seeks Something Long-Term November 22, 2010 Real-Life Online Dating Success Stories "Let go of your skepticism. You might think that it's impossible to find a perfect match, but they're out there. 'And if you're serious, use a serious site, like eHarmony,' says Tonya. 'It's great, but it's not for nonchalant daters!'" September 29, 2010 The Digital 100: The World's Most Valuable Startups "Believe it or not, people don't just use the Internet for seedy hookups. eHarmony, which operates in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, is the destination for online daters go for 'serious relationships.' The company has over 33 million registered users." September 23, 2010 eHarmony's algorithm of love "Under technology chief Joseph Essas, a former Yahoo (YHOO) search engineer, eHarmony has developed its own computer algorithms to optimize love connections. But there's an added layer of complexity in applying the technology to dating. 'It's not just that you have to like the movie,' explains Essas, comparing his efforts to Netflix's. 'The movie has to like you back.'" September 23, 2010 Sheri Inferrera And Rob Wilber: An eHarmonious Union,0,306838.story "She sent the company their 'success story and then asked them if it was possible to get married' at eHarmony's headquarters in Pasadena. 'We were looking for ways to celebrate the company's success' on its 10th anniversary, Breton says. 'This was an exciting opportunity. We had never hosted a wedding.'" September 19, 2010 Outsourcing Our Love Lives: How Online Dating Works "...Amongst those couples that have been married there is a certain set of them that are the most satisfied, the happiest in their relationships and this is the basis for the algorithm. So essentially when we match people up, we are matching them up with people who they share the same traits with at the same level that the happiest couples that are out there. That is what compatibility means to us." September 15, 2010 eHarmony Celebrates 10 Years of Online Relationships "These last ten years have seen an incredible change in perceptions around online relationships. Ten years ago nobody thought that you could have a great, quality relationship that you would find online and here we are ten years later, just having announced that 542 people on an average day get married through eHarmony." August 30, 2010 eHarmony CEO Greg Waldorf On The Limits Of Online Dating And The Future Of Love Online "Earlier this month, online dating service celebrated its 10th anniversary and a major milestone: according to a Harris Interactive Study, between 2008 and 2009, 542 people who met through the online matchmaker were married every day in the U.S." August 26, 2010 Looking for Love Online "People have a harder and harder time meeting someone for a quality relationship. It is really that emphasis on quality relationships that we have. We are not about a hook-up or a quick date. We are really trying to help people to find long lasting happiness and that focus that we have, with the scientific research and the match-making system, it's really working for people." August 19, 2010 Dating Site Marks 10 Years With Ad Campaign "The dating Web site eHarmony turns 10 on Monday, and it is celebrating the anniversary with an advertising campaign called 'Love Begins Here.' Replete with roving pedicabs, new television commercials and a giant billboard in Times Square, the campaign features couples who met on the site and a message that singles can still find meaningful relationships." August 15, 2010 $100 Million Revenue Club: EHarmony Uses Science To Capture The Heart "The venture-backed company has [grown steadily] by bucking the trends, both when it was founded during the dot-com bubble—amid a slew of other companies hoping to marry the power of the Internet with the age-old desire to meet Mr. or Ms. Right—and more recently, when facing a new crop of sites focused on casual dating through features such as social networking or video chat." July 12, 2010 eHarmony Seeks Scientific Edge in Uncertain Game of Love "Waldorf believes the company's big brain — the group of Ph.D.s who write the algorithm that's supposed to put people together — makes all the difference between this place and just another dating service." May 21, 2010 Diagnosing the health of your marriage "So what makes a successful marriage?.... Marriage researchers like psychologist Gian Gonzaga look for clues in the ways couples interact. Dr. Gonzaga is one year into a five year study of 300 couples for the online match making service eHarmony." May 10, 2010 Can marriage lab predict relationship success? "Newlyweds Carrie and Brad Vinikow, who met on eHarmony, volunteered to have Dr. Gonzaga and Dateline observe how they get along." May 9, 2010 Love, but not at first site "Waldorf is betting that he can stay on top of the dating game by sharpening his psychological tools. The firm is serious about serious relationships and is conducting what is probably the largest scientific survey into the psychology of true love. It has a team of researchers assessing successful relationships and what makes marriages work, and is changing its questions to suit local markets." February 14, 2010 The Big Business of Online Dating "We think of every single member who gets married, like you said, the Harris research indicates 236 per day. Those people are the best ambassadors for our service. They are the ones that go out and tell their friends and family how great the service worked for them." February 12, 2010 Looking for lasting love? It's not all looks and laughs "An analysis by online dating website eHarmony shows what people find attractive in a possible partner may not be the same qualities that will make the relationship successful, which is a lesson learned by those who have been married." February 9, 2010