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Our bold, scientific approach to matching means more quality dates with deeply compatible singles in the Bronx who truly understand you. Find a meaningful, lasting relationship in Boogie Down with eHarmony.

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From Riverdale to Country Club, eHarmony has all Bronxites singles looking for love covered. We connect people more efficiently than the 6 train into the city because we focus on the personalities of our members and understand what it takes to start a long lasting and meaningful relationship. Our online dating services in the Bronx can even connect Red Sox and Yankee fans because we rely on the science of compatibility incorporated in our 29 Dimensions of Compatibility®.

Bringing Bronx Singles Together

The majority of matchmaking sites in Bronx introduce you to Mr. or Ms. Convenient, but at eHarmony we connect you with singles that share common interests and core values with you for a deeper relationship. eHarmony is the only dating site in the Bronx using our scientifically proven 29 Dimensions of Compatibility® to identify what type of person is meant for you. We ask all of our members to answer an informative questionnaire so that we deliver an A-list of compatible singles directly to their email box.

Recent eHarmony Dating Advice

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One of the hardest things we have to deal with when deciding to date online is writing our profile. Most of us have a hard time describing ourselves in person, let alone in the written form. Am I bragging too much? Am I not bragging enough? Am I interesting enough? How much am I supposed […]


‘How Can I Trust Myself Again?’

Dear Sara: I recently met a guy on a dating app, and we had an online thing going on for about two months. Despite our distance [we live on different continents], we talked every single day, almost non-stop through text, phone calls, and Skype. I tried (not very hard though, I must admit) to slow […]


15 Ways to Make Wise Dating Decisions

The most wonderful and long-lasting relationships are the sum of many wise decisions made over months, years, and decades. Sometimes the decision is relatively simple: “Should I accept this person’s invitation to go on a first date?” Other times the decision is far more significant: “Should I accept this marriage proposal?” Along the way, partners […]


Compatibility: It’s Not What You Think It Is

If you’re using eHarmony, it’s likely you put some value on compatibility. After all, that’s one of the pillars of our matching philosophy. In my conversations with people who use the service and have an interest in compatibility, I’m often amazed by the number of people who misunderstand what eHarmony compatibility is and what it […]


15 Ways to Deal With Dishonest People

What a wonderful world it would be if everyone made a collective commitment to be completely truthful and trustworthy with each other. We can all hope that day will one day arrive. But in the meantime, we must resign ourselves to the fact that there are people who choose to be deceitful and devious. So […]


What is Your Communication and Reaction Style?

Successful dating requires you to be aware of how you come across to others. Specifically, you need to know the way you express your feelings; what triggers you to feel angry; and how you respond to criticism. As great as any relationship may be, there will inevitably be days down the road where you upset […]


The eHarmony Difference in the Bronx

Only a small portion of Bronx singles you meet online will be compatible with you. eHarmony takes the time to understand you on the deepest level so we can introduce you to someone truly special. Begin your eHarmony experience now. Register for free, complete your questionnaire and get your free personality profile; we’ll being working on finding compatible singles for you. When you’re ready to begin communication, select your payment plan and you’ll be on your way.

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