Join eHarmony with Discover,® make a connection and earn Cashback Bonus® along the way. When you join today and set Discover as your payment method, you'll earn Cashback Bonus every time you make a purchase on eHarmony. So what are you waiting for? Start making a connection by using Discover today!

Setting Discover® as your payment option is easy.

  1. Click on “My Settings” on the homepage

  2. Select “Join eHarmony”

  3. Fill out the enrollment form and add your Discover card to “Payment Method”

  4. Press the “Continue” button and answer any additional questions

  5. That’s it! You’re all set to earn Cashback Bonus every time!


Discover® Miles, EscapeSM by Discover and Discover Business Miles cardmembers are not eligible to receive Cashback Bonus. See Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions at for more information.