Free Communication Weekend
February 10th - February 15th
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Absolutely no cost or obligation, no credit card needed. From February 10th to February 15th. No Skip to Mail or Secure Call.

A completely new matchmaking service from eHarmony. eH+

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>LESS Frustration and Rejection

There are few things more frustrating than repeatedly reaching out to matches and getting nothing in return. For some users their matches aren’t well-tuned to what they need because the system doesn’t consider your physical preferences. eH+ solves both these issues. We hand-select the matches, touch base with each person, and make sure there is a real connection. We only share a match with you when they’ve expressed interest in meeting you. Less rejection and frustration.

Your eH+ Matchmaker talks to you about what is important to you -- emotionally, physically, intellectually. We use that conversation to learn about your past relationships and experiences. We bring all that additional information to the match selection process.

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>GREATER Chance of Connection

Most online dating matches don’t turn into dates because the two people never really connect. They are sending messages back and forth that get ignored or lost in the hustle of the day.

eH+ solves this problem. We personally reach out to your matches, find out what they think about you, and what they’re about. We make the introduction and follow up on the date. It’s an intensive, personal service that works.

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>BETTER use of your time and money

If you’ve used an online dating site before you know, it’s hard work. You have to complete your profile, and share information about yourself. You have to monitor your daily matches, send communication to those you like, close out those you don’t, and check on the older matches your hoping to hear from. It’s a lot of time and energy that doesn’t always generate results.

eH+ handles all that for you. You’re free to check in with your eH+ Matchmaker and go on dates. It’s a more efficient way to meet quality people who might end up being the love of your life.

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>How is this different from eHarmony?

Whatever your experience has been with eHarmony it’s important to understand that eH+ works in a very different way. It isn’t a computer dating site. It’s an offline service that puts you in the hands of a relationship professional. You talk to your eH+ Matchmaker via phone, Skype, text or email and we do all the work for you.

We do choose your matches from eHarmony’s extensive pool of people, but the process of selecting which matches we present to you is very different, and based on information about you that isn’t considered with an eHarmony match.

Typically, you’re likely to get some matches that would never have been given to you on as well as some matches that you did receive but that you never had the chance to meet or seriously consider.