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Top 10 Must-Haves for eHarmony Women

By eHarmony Staff

#10:  Strong and Steady Wins the Race

The eHarmony women have revealed their list of what they absolutely must have in a partner — get some insight and check out the countdown right now!

#9: Family Man

A man who is marriage and family minded is very appealing to most eHarmony women, who are looking for the sense of safety and security home life can bring.

#8: Emotionally Available

Women are not only looking for a man who"˜s strong and steady, but stable -- his emotional health is just as important. The ability to deal with past baggage and hurts — a big plus!

#7: Taking Care of Business

A man is more attractive if he takes care of his finances and is responsible in that arena — it's that simple.

#6: Do the Right Thing

Women are looking for good character in their partners — and topping that trait list is honesty and knowing right from wrong.

#5: Support System

How nice is it when you know your partner is there for you through all of the trials and tribulations of life? This is extremely critical to women, who rate this as one of their most important must-haves.

#4: Feel the Love

Another important aspect to any relationship is passion and feeling deeply in love. Women want to feel that intense connection with their mates.

#3: Affection

A big hug can work miracles! Women rate the ability to give and receive affection extremely high on their list!

#2: Communication

Women understand that without communication a relationship is in for a struggle. A partner who can express feelings in a mature way is a huge plus!

#1: Finding the Humor

When the chips are down, being with someone who can find the humor in any situation — and in life — will make your journey as a couple much smoother and happier.

#10: Strong and Steady Wins the Race

Women want someone who can handle the stresses and frustrations of daily life with maturity, a cool head and balance. Hotheads are not wanted!

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