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An eHarmony Success Couple: Terri and Joseph

An eHarmony Success Couple: Terri and Joseph

It has often been said that “when you know, you know”. What isn’t as common is truly living and understanding that statement. Meeting Joe not only changed my life but gave me an opportunity to understand the unknown of true love & acceptance. I’ve never been happier, more secure or confident in myself or a love than I am now.

I believe that from the moment Joe & I were matched there was something special between us. When he sent me the first correspondence & I read his bio I knew there was something I liked about him. As the weeks progressed so did the communication, e-mails & text messages & the feeling that I needed to get to know him. I had a calm that I had never known that came over me because we were communicating & he was becoming ingrained in my life. Our first conversation lasted 3.5-4 hours, we knew during that conversation that there was something different than we had ever experienced before in life. The next day I woke up exhausted yet gliding on a cloud as my mom said. Who knew one phone call could do so much?!?! The next day I could barely wait for Joe to call & when he did we talked for 3 hours again! It was during that conversation that we both knew we had feelings inside of us that were incredibly strong for two people who had never met & we knew that we would have to meet! Over the course of the next week we never talked less than several hours & it was during one of the conversations that Joe asked what I was doing over the weekend. I wanted to meet him so badly but I was hesitant since this was all so new & developing so fast. I was living in Phoenix & Joe in Southern California from where he commuted to work in Denver. As a little girl we all have a fantasy of our Prince Charming & how he will arrive before us, I never once dreamed that mine would be a pilot who’d fly a Cessna in to meet me! Finally the time had come to drive to the small airport & pick Joe up. I was so nervous going to the airport down the road from my house my palms were sweating the whole way & I had butterflies in my stomach. When I got to the airport I opened the door barely walked in & stopped half way between the door & the counter where he stood filling out paper work. He was so handsome standing there in his white shirt & jeans, when he looked up he smiled & all I could do was stand planted where I was & just say “Hi”. It was when we were going to the car to put his bag in the trunk that he asked if he could hug me & said that he wanted to take me for a sunset flight. I had other plans though; I wanted to take him to meet my family!

From the moment we walked into my families home Joe was a flawless fit, he talked to my father with ease as if he’d always known him & my mother kept giving me a thumbs up! I didn’t know until months later that my mom told my dad when we left that he had just met his future son in law & my dad laughed telling her it was just a first date! That was the best dinner of my life, I remember walking into a restaurant full of people but I do not remember seeing or hearing anyone while we were there with each other. The next day we went to Sedona, AZ which was the most magical day. We walked around the town visiting shops, hand in hand & grinning ear to ear. It was on a balcony at Tlaquepaque that I knew I had been on my last first date. Later we went for a hike & we were sitting by a creek talking when Joe announced he was done searching he had found the one!

Joe left town at the end of our weekend & I was sad to see him go but I knew it was temporary! Less than a week later & countless phone hours logged Joe was back & we were on our third date when we both said I love you! I was so stunned it had come out that I didn’t even hear him saying it to me! After 6 weeks of dating, due to Joe’s job we were separated for 6 weeks so he could complete training. Days progressed into happy weeks & easy, flawless months & quickly we had been dating for seven months. We had been talking about marriage & I knew Joe had a ring but I didn’t know when the proposal was coming. Seven months & one day after our first date Joe asked me to marry him; we set our date & couldn’t wait to plan our wedding! The day after we were engaged Joe’s plane nearly went down & after that Joe nearly lost his eyesight to an injury at work. It was during that time we were really tested & I was his rock & when tragedy struck my family he was mine.

Our wedding was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! It was what dreams are made of with out question it was truly the best day in both of our lives! There is nothing that will ever compare to standing before our closest family & friends saying the vows we wrote, while my uncle presided over our wedding. However Mother Nature is a force to reckon with, about two hours after our wedding we had the worst monsoon of the 2008 season! I had hoped for a monsoon the day before so it would cool Phoenix off, I guess what we got instead was years of blessing since rain on your wedding day is supposed to be a good sign. It was an amazing light show to say the least but our luck didn’t let up there! While we were honeymooning in the Dominican Republic there were two hurricanes causing havoc on the island which is attached to Haiti. We had two serious days of rain & wind. The only disappointment was that the roads flooded & we couldn’t get to Santo Domingo to explore & see more of the country. However, things happen for a reason because I woke up sick that day & it only got worse as the day progressed. I’m terrified of needles, so when I told Joe to figure out how our travel insurance worked & to get the concierge to tell him where the medical office at the resort was he knew it was big. Despite spending the night in a hospital in a 3rd world country, where a local tennis coach translated what we couldn’t understand it was the best honeymoon anyone could ask for. Joe stayed by my side in my bed, since he knew I was scarred & saw the best & worst that I’m sure of… I needed his assistance for everything! We joked, never loosing our humor when I started laughing & said I bet you weren’t counting on this just yet! I felt great the next day & we were released. Much to Joe’s surprise once we got back to the hotel I informed him we had half an hour to get ready & be on our snorkeling excursion, after all it was our honeymoon & nothing was holding us back! Maybe one day we’ll get a redo, but it doesn’t matter because we still had an amazing time. We are so happy & we know that no matter what comes our way we are the luckiest people in the world. I know that our love is strong, that we can stand the test of time & weather! As our luggage tags say “Married in a monsoon, blue skies ever after”!

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