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An eHarmony Success Couple: Peggy and Ron

An eHarmony Success Couple: Peggy and Ron

“Ron, we’ve waited a long, long time for you” my daughter-in-law announced over the Mother’s Day dinner table. It has been 15 years, in fact. It never occurred to me that after 17 years of marriage and a divorce it would take so long to find a partner.

I’m sure there were some that felt I was being too picky or unreasonable about not being willing to compromise what I was looking for. Now that Ron & I are engaged perhaps others realize that settling for mediocre is a sad way to spend your life.

Ron was out of the box for me and yet he fits me perfectly, like a glove.

Guess those 29 dimensions are accurate. We must have met at the perfect time. Each of us had decided we could never find what we were looking for but wanted the company of the opposite sex. Finding good company for dating was better than nothing. Instead we found the kind of relationship that neither of us had experienced before.

We may have had pieces of it in the past, but this was the total package. Shortly after we started dating we had some major events happen in both of our lives. Ron lost his mom, then a couple of weeks later had to put his dog of 8 years down. I felt honored to be by his side during the suffering and death of both.

For my part, I’d had my trust betrayed repeatedly in devastating ways throughout my life. I’d warned Ron that “other women” was a sensitive issue with me. I had worked hard to not let bitterness creep in my heart and to keep hope and trust alive. All of the groundwork that could be done was, before I met Ron. The only thing that remained was to be tested in a male/female relationship. Tested I was early on with Ron. He not only showed himself to be trustworthy, but like a master with a strong, steady, reassuring hand on a skiddish horse he calmed me. The years of pain and damage began to be stroked away revealing a beauty and strength that surprised me.

On 6-7-08 Ron was by my side when my second grandson was born. We had gone skydiving earlier in the day and rushed to the hospital in time for me to witness his birth-Cole was the first baby I had ever watched be born. Ron has taken me to the salt flats in Utah to experience the place where he has raced his motorcycle and is going to try for the landspeed record this year. I took Ron to the golf range where we discovered he enjoys my interest and seems to be a natural.

We complete each other, making each of us stronger than we were alone. Ron is an artist and has rediscovered the joy and love that he found as an art student. He has inspired a creativity in me that had been buried.

This man that vowed he would never get married has asked me to be his wife. I now wear his mom’s ring on my finger. Her name was Peggy. The ring slid on my finger fitting me like Ron, perfectly, without needing any adjustments. We are planning a March wedding. I had no idea how deeply our happiness and love touched others until I heard it in their words, saw it on their faces and watched it as the tears flowed down their cheeks.

Words will always fail to be adequate to describe how incredible this miracle is. I’m so humbled, grateful and awed by this experience. Now we want to share what we are together with the rest of the world. It is too great to keep it to ourselves selfishly.

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