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An eHarmony Success Couple: Laura and John

An eHarmony Success Couple: Laura and John

This is our story…

One night in early 2007 I was completely fed up with the games associated with dating. I had remembered an email offer from eHarmony stating that if I renewed I would be eligible for three months for the price of one. After remembering that the offer expired at midnight I decided to hurriedly sign onto eHarmony using my blackberry. There I was fed up and ready for a change, feverishly entering my credit card information on my tiny keyboard.

The very next morning I saw that I had been matched with a guy from Blacksburg, a mere 45 minutes away. I took a chance and wrote. John and I started corresponding instantly. It was amazing. This guy was so cool, so responsive, and so down to earth. I remember reading of his fondness for the places where the mountains meet the ocean. That was a dream of mine, to vacation where the mountains meet the ocean. How did he know that? We struggled with our first conversation on the phone. I was traveling for work and was very nervous about hearing his voice. I mentioned to a friend I was traveling with that I secretly wanted him to sound stupid so that it would end. Everything just seemed too good, too easy, too scary. I was terrified. I had never been a part of something so right.

Our first date was even scarier. I was so nervous. He was so happy. He is shy by nature and I am not. I talked the entire time and he just sat back with this grin. I thought it went so poorly. He thought it went great. Before he got home from the date I called to ask if I could see him in his own environment. I knew it was right; I just wasn’t sure why I felt so nervous. The next night John cooked dinner for me at his apartment. As soon as he opened up the door and I saw him in his khakis and blue polo shirt (a signature look of his) with that sweet sweet smile I knew as surely as I was standing there that this was it. I had finally found the one.

The thing is that no matter how relationally dysfunctional the rest of my life had been, when it was right it was so easy. I spent so many years hoping for someone and desperately trying to make it all right. With John everything was so easy. It all flowed. He is absolutely the kindest and most patient person I have ever met. A mere week after we met in person we decided to share the circumstances that led to us finally communicating on eHarmony. John let me know that the very same night that I was feverishly renewing my membership he too had been contemplating his love life. John told me that same night he had decided to cancel his membership. He was growing weary after two years on the site. I am so thankful for that gut feeling that told John to wait until the morning, as to not make any rash decisions. We were in love and we both knew it was real.

The week before our wedding I got really ill. I was in the hospital twice over the next several days, including the day of our rehearsal dinner. John was with me the entire time. At one point on October 19th, only a few short hours before we were to practice our vows, we looked at each other and realized that we may have to get married in the hospital as my condition was not improving. Fortunately, we were only fashionably late to our rehearsal dinner. I still am not sure how I was able to stand to say my vows or join in marriage to the most perfect man for me. Thank you for making lasting love your mission.

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