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Posts tagged Settling

Is There Such a Thing as 'Mr. Good Enough'?

Is There Such a Thing as ‘Mr. Good Enough’?

Is it lowering your standards or being realistic when you decide to settle for ‘Mr. Good Enough’?

Dating, Dating Issues, Dating Tips For Women
So What if He's Not 'Mr. Right?'

So What if He’s Not ‘Mr. Right?’

Are you spending your time on a ‘temporary’ person, when you should be spending energy finding the right person?

Dating, Dating Issues
Are You Dating a Walking 'Deal Breaker?'

Are You Dating a Walking ‘Deal Breaker?’

You swore you’d never date someone that had too many of your “can’t stands,” but here you are, spending a lot of time with the type of person. Open-minded or river of denial?

Dating, Dating Tips