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Posts tagged Hopefulness

Help! I Can't Stand the Rejection

Help! I Can’t Stand the Rejection

Nobody said making your way through the dating world is easy. When you’re hit with a string of bad dates, no-shows and never-calls, keeping your head above it all can be tricky. But never fear, eHarmony Advice is here to give you a boost.

About You, Dating Advice
Are you an Eeyore?

Are you an Eeyore?

Remember Eeyore, the fabled character from Winne the Pooh stories? Some people live their lives in a cloud of pessimism and sadness, just like him. Here’s how to identify if you are like too much Eeyore and how to snap out of it.

Important Questions, Relationships
Singlehood, Valentine's Day and the Good Life

Singlehood, Valentine’s Day and the Good Life

Single? Don’t get down on Valentine’s Day. Use February 14th to celebrate your commitment towards finding a healthy and worthwhile relationship. Aren’t you worth it?

Dating, Dating Tips
Staying Positive in the Winter Months

Staying Positive in the Winter Months

It’s not always easy to remain a “glass-half-full” kind of person during the winter months.  The days get shorter and darker, the weather gets colder, and by necessity most of us have to spend a lot more time inside.But you don’t have to fall prey to the Winter Blues.  In fact, you can look at this time of year as an opportunity…

About You, Mind, Body And Spirit