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the best resolutions

5 Resolutions You Can’t Break This Year

Sure, you can cheat on your diet and skip the gym now and again, but these are 5 resolutions you don’t want to break.What better time to make a resolution to improve yourself and your life? Give yourself a specific plan to tackle whatever goal you choose for yourself this year. Good intentions aside, the best way to stick with your New Year’s resolution is to tell people about it and write it down, which will help to hold you accountable.

About You, Seasonal
The Decent Person's Guide to Breaking Up

The Decent Person’s Guide to Breaking Up

Breaking up isn’t easy, but you can make it easier on the other person by taking these steps.

Breaking Up, Relationships
5 Dating Rules you Should Never Break

5 Dating Rules you Should Never Break

No one said dating was easy, but follow these five rules and you’ll enjoy a richer experience as a single person.

Dating, Dating Tips