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Posts tagged Appearance

Online Dating 101: Photos

Online Dating 101: Photos

You don’t need to have the skills of a famous fashion photographer, but for best results you should do more than point and click. Follow these eHarmony Photo Guidelines to put your best face forward.

Dating Photos, Using eHarmony
King of First Date

King of First Date

Q. I go on lots of first dates and the women seem to be having fun, but when I call for a second date, they disappear…

Dating, First Dates
I'm not a Handsome Man— Help!

I’m not a Handsome Man— Help!

Dear Dr. Warren, By my own admission, I’ve just come to terms with the fact that I’m not a handsome man. I’m only slightly overweight and although it hasn’t kept me from having a great life, it’s been lovingly confirmed by various people in my life. It isn’t something I celebrate, but I do want […]

Dating, Dating Tips