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Posts tagged Anxiety

Learning to Trust Again

Learning to Trust Again

We’ve all been there. You click with someone, get involved and the relationship seemed to be headed in the right direction–only to ultimately fall apart. Find out the best ways to pick yourself up, get out there and take a risk with your heart again.

Dating, Dating Issues
Who Makes the First Call?

Who Makes the First Call?

It’s time for the first phone call with a new match, and maybe you’re both playing "First Phone Call Chicken." Each waiting, debating and hoping the other makes the first move. Who should make the first call, and why should they make it?

Using eHarmony
Healthy First-Date Nerves--or Much More?

Healthy First-Date Nerves–or Much More?

When do first-date nerves pass into the realm of unhealthy anxiety?

Dating, Dating Tips