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Ten Ways to Impress a Girl

by Jeannie Assimos, Managing Editor, Content

He's a Straight Shooter

The way to a woman’s heart may be as simple as listening, laughing and a sweet gesture. Here’s what the women we spoke with revealed…

He Listens

This was a unanimous, across-the-board comment from the women I talked to. A guy who truly listens – and remembers – things you say or things you care about is a gem in our eyes!

His Ability to Let Go

Every couple has their arguments, and a guy who can say, “Hey, let’s move forward and not hold onto this,” is one that we are especially enamored with. It’s not easy for anyone to let go of anger or hurt and truly move on – but we appreciate a guy who can.

He's a Straight Shooter

He doesn’t adhere to the 3-day “no text, no call” rule. He tells you how he feels and what he is looking for. He may have game, but he doesn’t play it with you or in his dating life.

He’s a Helper

Whether it was coming to the rescue of someone stranded on the side of the road or helping grandpa John out with his moving sale, women told me they were extremely impressed by a helpful and selfless guy.

He can laugh – at himself

There’s a reason sense of humor is pretty much tops in the “must haves” for members of eHarmony. Life is too short to be so serious. A guy who can laugh at himself and the small stuff that goes awry is pretty amazing.

He Takes Initiative

It’s not super often that I hear about a guy planning a night out or an elaborate dinner for his lady. Women are extremely touched when men take the time to think up a great adventure for the two of them – and planning several weeks in advance is especially impressive!

The Small Stuff

He goes around the neighborhood and collects your favorite flowers, putting them in a lovely vase for you when you get home. Or he knows you have had a stressful day, so he brings over your favorite tea latte. It’s not about elaborate gifts for most women, but the thought that counts.

He's Willing...

to try new restaurants, to see the occasional chick flick, or to accompany you on your big shopping spree (and carry your bags!). In return, we will watch the big game with him -- or even visit Home Depot.

He takes care of himself

A guy who cares about all aspects of his being, including his physical and emotional health (and understands that those are important areas to tend to) is truly impressive.

He Understands

He may not totally get why you need to visit the hair salon every four weeks, but he doesn’t question it. He may not get why you feel the need to tell your best friend every detail of your outfit, or day, or whatever, but he accepts it. A guy who may not understand you, but lets you be who you are, is a gift.

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