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Empathy: From Brain to Brain and Heart to Heart

by Les and Leslie Parrott

Empathy: From Brain to Brain and Heart to Heart

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From Part 1 of our 4-part series, we know that empathy is the key to a solid and loving relationship. When we think of empathy, we think of the heart. But interestingly, there’s a science to it.

We recently sat around a conference table at the eHarmony Labs with six of the most prestigious relationship researchers in the country. Our purpose? To share our thoughts on what some are calling the new science of “neural calculus.”

Now, before we lose you at the very utterance of this mind-numbing phrase, hang in there for just a moment.

We’re not about to give you a lesson on social neuroscience. We simply want you to know that what we are sharing with you is brand new. Sure, empathy is as old as time but not the way we’re looking at it. Why? Because something new and exciting is beginning to brew in some of the most respected university research laboratories in North America. It’s not a cure for a biological disease, but it just may be a cure for whatever’s ailing your love life. And it promises to be revolutionary. We don’t say that glibly. We genuinely believe that you are about to learn the rudiments of a practice that will positively impact your relationship in countless ways. It’s a proven fact.

You see, until now neuroscience has studied just one brain at a time. But now two are being analyzed at once, unveiling a never-before-seen neural duet between the brains of a husband and wife as they interact.(1)

So why does this matter? Because this emerging new science holds startling implications for you and how you go about finding the love you want. It holds revolutionary secrets for bonding you and your potential partner brain to brain and heart to heart – quite literally

(1) See Daniel Golman’s groundbreaking book, Social Intelligence (Bantam, 2007) where he unpacks in detail the new science of human relationships.

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