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Do Something Good for your Relationship (and the World)

by eHarmony Staff

Do Something Good for your Relationship (and the World)

It begins with a match, then some e-mails and hopefully, a date. One date leads to another and before you know it you are meeting each other’s families, spending the holidays together and planning romantic vacations.

Now that you are nestled nicely into your relationship, have you ever considered taking on tasks outside yourselves? Something for the greater good? If not, you should. Uniting together to accomplish something that’s completely selfless is the ultimate team-building experience. Not to mention you’re likely to meet people with similar interests and make memories for years to come.

If you are unsure as to where to start, think about what your interests are. Are you into nature? Helping people? Do you love children? Well, there is something for everyone, and there is always something to do. So what are you waiting for?

Nurture Nature

Modern-day life has us starved for the great outdoors, and there’s no better way to get some much-needed fresh air with the one you love than to volunteer for the sake of the environment. National and state parks are always looking for docents to conduct guided tours and lectures. If a hands-on approach is more for you, there are more than enough jobs that need your help, from clearing grown-over hiking trails to picking up garbage.

Related organizations that are taking volunteers: The National Park Service, The Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy

Show Some Puppy Love

We are all crazy about our pets and it’s sad to think of how many animals in the world don’t have homes. Many shelters are overcrowded with dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc., that are in dire need of a little TLC. There is always a need for people to walk and play with pets awaiting new homes, assist with a fund-raising venture or simply do administrative work. Don’t have time to give? Donate blankets, food and toys instead.

Related organizations that are taking volunteers: The Humane Society, Animal Rescue Foundation, SPCA

Sponsor a Child

With the “hassles” of everyday living, we often take for granted just how easy life in a first-world nation really is. Most of us have plenty to eat, and access to shelter, health care and education. The sad fact is that many citizens of the world don’t have these necessities needed to succeed or in some cases, just survive.

Sponsoring a child gives you and your loved one the chance to make a big difference with minimal cost. It won’t take long before you’ll see the huge impact you’re making with progress reports, pictures and letters.

Related organizations that are taking volunteers: Children International, World Vision, Save the Children


Donating your time is one of the best ways to grow as a couple and do something fulfilling, but donating in kind has its benefits too. Often charity organizations need items that you may be inclined to discard: old cameras, shoes, bedding. And don’t listen to naysayers who tell you that those small donations don’t make a difference; they do. First, small donations add up. Second, through some organizations, small donations are enough to provide livestock that can feed an entire family for years.

However the two of you decide to make the world a better place, know that even a small amount of effort can yield big results. Besides the satisfaction you’ll derive from giving back to the community, you can count on your relationship deepening from doing something enriching as a united force.


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