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Are you an Eeyore?

by eHarmony Staff

Are you an Eeyore?

As the poster child of stoicism, sarcasm and sadness, sawdust-stuffed Eeyore is the pessimistic character in Winnie the Pooh stories that experiences the world as an unpleasant place. Unhappy with the way things are and not interested in changing his outlook, he becomes the wet blanket of bleakness.

It’s no wonder grim Eeyore doesn’t have many friends. Wallowing in the negative begets negative happenings, as pessimism is entirely self-perpetuating. If you find yourself parroting the old donkey, we have compiled some instances to help identify the half-empty mentality and how to change your outlook.


If you feel that there are no bright prospects in sight, you may be missing opportunities in the dating world. When your head hangs low in self-pity, you may pay more attention to the pavement than your could-be paramour. Trepidation is natural, but you must put in the effort to reap the benefits. Reexamine your approach by changing things up. Consider different types of people or research a new date location or activity. You want to be the type of person that people want to be around. Putting yourself in the vulnerable position of getting shot down is an integral part of dating. Sure, you may get dumped, but everyone has. Keep an optimistic outlook and happiness will find you. Positive energy attracts positive prospects.


The wry co-worker is never a pleasure to be around. The cynical chump that sits at the coffee machine lamenting about the boss, complaining of the workload or whining about the clients only perpetuates the problem. Not only is this Eeyore hard to be around, he isn’t taking any action.

Even though few people adore their jobs, successful doers take what they can from less than perfect situations. Recognizing that moping only slows their progress, they make lemonade out of the lemons that come their way. Once you’ve learned everything at work, made great contacts or have lost interest, then move along. Take pride that you have mastered this part of your career and look to the adventure that comes from change.

Family and Friends

With Aunt Sue constantly criticizing your choices or cousin Chip always implying that you will fail, negativity is easy to perpetuate. Witnessing constant ragging from the dark side, a sunny disposition has little chance. It’s easier to go along with the crowd or believe the dismal fodder, but only you are responsible for your point of view. Surround yourself with the advice, the people and the love that enrich your life. You no longer have to maintain relationships that don’t encourage you unconditionally.

Pursue your Passions

Most people are dispirited because they spend their time doing things they don’t particularly enjoy. Happy people pursue their passions and try their hands at different things, regardless of the risk of ridicule or failure. So what if you can’t arrange flowers like Martha Stewart or paint like Bob Ross, if you like it, pursue it! Try to step out of the norm and take a bike ride, garden in the sun, or join a community group.


Take the focus off yourself and step out of your own little world. Donate your time and/or resources to charity. Keeping busy and helping others feeds the soul and makes you appreciate your good fortunes.

Eeyores are always going to be around, bumming the rest of us out. However, even if misery does love company, the less traveled path is certainly more rewarding. Choose to raise your face to the sun and proactively approach life with positivity. Take comfort in the fact that you are improving your life and taking charge of your outlook. We raise our half-filled glass to you!

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