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Relationship Problems

Need help with relationship problems? Find free expert advice for a wide range of relationship issues on eHarmony.


Nine Things No One Tells You About Getting a Divorce

Even when ending your marriage is the right choice, it’s still hard — and not always in the way that you expect it to be. We all know that about half of marriages end in divorce, but not a single one of us ever thinks it will happen to us — which is why it […]

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Why Do Good People Cheat?

Dan Marino, Hall of Fame quarterback, husband of 28 years and champion of autism awareness, cheated on his wife and fathered a child in 2005 with a CBS employee. Marino has always been seen as a clean-cut family man. In addition to four children, he adopted two daughters, and as a result of raising his […]

Infidelity, Relationship Problems, Relationships

Ten Signs You Are With a Narcissist

Are you falling in love with someone who is too in love with themselves to love you back? Here are 10 signs you’re with a narcissist: 1. He exaggerates his achievements. Sure, we all want tend to upsell our accomplishments from time to time. But if your date can’t talk about his life without dropping plenty […]

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The Frugal Guy: Ditch Him or Stay Together?

Surveys designed to reveal the top sources of stress in troubled marriages consistently identify one thing that rises above the rest. You might expect some issue related to sex, infidelity, in-laws, or child rearing. But you’d be wrong. The consistent “winner” is money — conflict over earning it, prioritizing its relative importance in life, judging […]

Dating Advice, Relationship Advice, Relationship Problems, Relationships
emotionally abusive relationship

Five Warning Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and while most women would agree that physical violence has no part in a love relationship, what are more subtle signs that you are not being treated well? Where do you draw the line between ordinary arguments and emotional abuse? Here are some definite red flags: 1. He’s […]

Relationship Problems, Relationship Tips, Relationships
insecure partners

Five Ways to Deal with an Insecure Partner

Just about anyone who has felt the rush of falling in love would agree that the experience is like being strapped into an amusement park thrill ride — a swirling blend of conflicting emotions. Excitement and anticipation compete with a little trepidation at being in the grip of forces beyond one’s control. But for many people, ordinary […]

Relationship Advice, Relationship Problems, Relationship Tips, Relationships

‘Help, My Relationship Has Lost Its Spark’

After moving in with her boyfriend Eric one year ago, following their college graduation, Emily, who is 25 years-old and working as a film editor’s assistant, plopped herself down on my couch and complained of boredom. She wondered if she was in the wrong relationship because she didn’t feel that spark of excitement anymore when […]

Relationship Advice, Relationship Problems, Relationship Tips

The Real Reasons Men Are Remote

Here are four things to keep in mind when your man seems distant… When talking about the inner workings of human beings, it is dangerous to generalize. Exceptions will always confound simplistic answers to complex questions. Still, nearly all women share a frustration at some time or another in romantic relationships. They express it something […]

Relationship Advice, Relationship Problems, Relationship Tips, Relationships
torn between two lovers

Torn Between Two Lovers

Like most people, you have probably endured a “dating drought.” But perhaps things have changed for the better. Maybe you’ve even experienced a romantic downpour and you are now faced with a dilemma that would’ve seemed impossible through the dry years: You must choose between two or more potential partners. Some might wish for such […]

Dating Issues, Relationship Problems
Married to a Flirt

Married to a Flirt

Everyone flirts, but how much is too much in a marriage?

Relationship Advice, Relationship Problems