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eHarmony Feature

Learn about online dating site features on eHarmony. Discover new features for online dating and read the latest news about eHarmony online.


Cesar Millan: How I Embraced Uncertainty and Found Love Again

Cesar Millan has been through a lot of life changes over the past few years. He got a divorce, found new love, and took ownership of his TV shows and affiliated businesses — and the best part is he isn’t shy about talking about his experiences in order to help others. One such way he is […]

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healing your heart for valentines day

Healing Your Heart for Valentine’s Day

Every Valentine’s Day in the United States as well as many other places in the world, flowers, candy, gifts and kisses are exchanged. It is a day of love and romance for those already in a relationship. For those single, it is a day of hope, as well as a day when the absence of […]

About You, Being Single, eHarmony Feature, Mind, Body And Spirit

Is an Amazing Match Waiting for You in ‘What If?’

It’s no secret that everyone likes to have options — whether it’s picking out the car you want to drive, the movie you want to see this weekend or even the person you want to be with. This is exactly why our product team developed What If?, a subscriber-only feature that’s currently all the rage. We are seeing a ton […]

eHarmony Feature, Using eHarmony

Five Things You Need to Know About eHarmony’s New Hands-On Matching Service: eH+

On December 1, a new kind of eHarmony is going to be live and ready for action. It’s a new premium version of eHarmony called eH+. I want to share five important things you need to know about eH+ and how it can help you. If you like what you see below, please visit […]

eHarmony Feature, Using eHarmony

Challenging the Ten Biggest Excuses to Not Try Online Dating

If you’re still hesitant to give online dating a try, you’ve likely used one of the following excuses. Here are the 10 biggest excuses to not try online dating — and our responses to them. 1. “I’d rather meet someone organically.” Wouldn’t everyone? Unfortunately, that’s not always reality. If you haven’t met someone organically, why not […]

eHarmony Feature, Online Date Tips, Using eHarmony

Posting Your Best Cover Photo

Your online dating profile cover photo is important for several reasons, but mainly because it is the very first impression you are making to your matches.

Dating Photos, eHarmony Feature, Using eHarmony

How Communication Works on eHarmony

Hi there! Are you loving the latest eHarmony experience? We hope so! As communication is the key to successful relationships, we also realize it is vital to making a great first impression. This is exactly why we have spent so much time updating our communication experience. That being said, we’d like to share some really useful information that might benefit you when using […]

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Love Begets Love

Virtual Valentines from eHarmony – Artwork provided by Hugh MacLeod

This St. Valentine’s Day eHarmony is proud to be working with Cartoonist Hugh MacLeod to bring you a collection of funny and touching cards that you can personalize and share online, via Facebook.  

eHarmony Feature, Using eHarmony
eHarmony's New Book Gets You Ready for Relationship Success

eHarmony’s New Book Gets You Ready for Relationship Success

Ready to get back into the dating pool? Before you dive in head first, or even test the waters, check out Dating the Second Time Around. The new eHarmony book equips you with the tools you need to find love that lasts.

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I Can't Stand Someone Who Likes to Spend Excessive Time as a Couch Potato.

The Top Ten “Can’t-Stands” for eHarmony Men

eHarmony’s "Can’t Stands" and "Must Haves" feature allows users to create a concise list of traits that are important to them in a relationship partner.

eHarmony Feature, Online Date Tips, Using eHarmony