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The Real Reasons Women Go ‘Poof’

by Jeannie Assimos, Managing Editor, Content

It’s one of the biggest frustrations encountered in the dating world: you meet someone, there seems to be a connection…then poof! You never hear from them again. You are left with no closure, and no clue as to what happened. Here are the reasons women say they have gone poof.

Reason Number One: She Met Someone Better

The harsh reality is that in the dating mix, oftentimes you can be seeing one person and then meet someone else who is just a better fit for you. If she suddenly stops returning your calls? She may have met another guy she digs more than you.

Reason Number Two: The Space Invader

Some women told us that they had to poof after being on dates with men who invaded their personal space way too much. In one particular situation, not only was the guy getting too close for comfort, but she also caught him trying to peer down her shirt...several times. She was so creeped out -- she poofed.

Reason Number Three: She's Afraid He'll Ask Why

After a few dates, a woman decides she just isn't into a guy. She contemplates telling him she's done with their dating game, but is deathly afraid he will want to know what the reason is. So she poofs. Women told us they would rather disappear than tell a guy he was either too short, a bad kisser or had no aspirations!

Reason Number Four: He's Boring

What is boring to one person might be riveting to another, but nonetheless, many women revealed that their reason for poofing was pure boredom.

Reason Number Five: Because He Won't Get It

For some women, it was easier to poof than try to explain why it wouldn't work out to a "clueless" guy. Rather than getting into a dramatic, drawn out conversation -- they spare themselves and just fade away.

Reason Number Six: He Won't Take It Well

Men love to talk about women's "psycho potential." Well, guys, there are a few of you out there as well that have the "flipping out" capacity. If a woman senses this may be the case, she will poof before telling you it's over.

Reason Number Seven: She Can't Deal With Confrontation

It's not a great reason, but definitely a real one. Many women said they just hated these types of awkward conversations with men, so they avoid them all together. And yes, poof.

Reason Number Eight: The Bad Date

If you go out on a date with a woman and it goes horribly awry, don't be surprised if you never hear back from her. Many women said that after one bad date, and zero chemistry, they didn't feel obligated to return a call or text. Right or wrong, this is what was expressed.

Ladies, tell us why you have poofed on a date!

About 'Poofing'

It's one of the biggest frustrations encountered in the dating world. You meet someone, there seems to be a connection...then poof! You never hear from them again. You are left with no closure, and no clue as to what happened. Here are the reasons women say they have gone poof in the past. Not one of them was proud at handling things this way, but here are their explanations as to why -- they had to just disappear.

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