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Nine Things Women Don’t Want Men to Know

by eHarmony Staff

Shhh! From our weight to how we look so wonderful, we’re revealing the things that most women would like to keep secret from their male counterparts.

We Make Simon Cowell Look Tame

We can be extremely critical of ourselves. No need to mention anything about our weight, our skin, or our bad hair day – because we are well aware of our so-called “flaws” already. In fact, most of us obsess about these things far too frequently. Just kill us with compliments, guys!

We Tell Our BFF’s Pretty Much Everything

We might say that we don’t tell our girlfriends nearly every single detail about our lives and relationships, but we sort of do.

We Actually Adore the Sappy Stuff

We may act like we don’t care about getting the occasional bouquet, Valentine’s card or birthday gift – but we really dig it! We don’t know many women who would have a problem receiving a huge arrangement of tulips or thoughtful note from their beloved.

Our Weight or Dress Size

Don’t ask how much we weigh, or try to guess. And please don’t try to figure out our size and buy us clothing. Thank you.

The Number of Boyfriends We’ve Had

If we have had a lot, men might get the wrong impression. If we have only had a few, they might get the wrong impression. Less history equals more mystery is our favorite motto.

What We Look Like in the A.M.

Most of us don't roll out of bed looking our best, although we may want you to think we can be ready in five minutes flat! It takes time to pull ourselves together, even though we like to make it seem effortless.

How Much We Might Spend on Our Beauty Regimens

There’s a reason men are shocked when they find out how much a woman’s haircut or new pair of jeans may cost -- because we don’t really want you to know!

Most of Us Have Secretly Dreamt of Our Wedding Day

A lot of women will say they don’t care about the big wedding or getting married. There are exceptions to the rule – but most women have thought about it and even envisioned their big day.

Some of Us are a Little More than Curious

Due to unfortunate past experiences or insecurities, there are some women out there who have been known to snoop through their significant other’s things. We’re not condoning this behavior, but this is definitely something women don’t want men to know. Shhhh!

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