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Marooned in the 80s? A Guide to Rediscovering your Style

by eHarmony Staff

Marooned in the 80s? A Guide to Rediscovering your Style

Ladies, it’s time to get real. Are you still sporting the same haircut that you had in high school? Are your jeans festooned with rhinestones, a series of zippers or neon splatter paint? Does your overall appearance represent another decade? Another decade when, perhaps, you thought you looked really good?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your look is officially fossilized. Before you get offended and click away in a huff, know that your situation is not unique. We’ve all been there. In fact, it took the author of this article a few years to get over the straight hair trend circa 1998. Hey, we know it’s hard to bid some trends good-bye.

But since you’ve taken the leap to start online dating, your appearance should represent your modern sensibilities. We aren’t suggesting that you run out and spend a lot of money on a dramatic makeover or hire a personal shopper and/or stylist. Instead, we are asking that you take a long hard look at yourself and ask, “Do I really look as good as I could?” If you have to admit that the answer is no, hang tight because we have some insights for you.

The Hair Don’t

Apart from your clothing, your hair is the easiest thing to change about your appearance in the shortest amount of time. Many women cling to the same haircut for years, arguing that the style is “easy” (read: familiar). Now, there’s a big difference between sporting a classic haircut with variations on length and color (think of the French) and a coif that screams “period piece.” Example: if you have a “big” perm, bangs that stand up only with the aid of hairspray, or a feathered, bleached mane, your look is outdated, not classic.

So, how do you change it up? If you haven’t been to the hairdresser in a while, make an appointment. If you hit the salon regularly, either ask the professional to alter the routine or venture somewhere else. We realize that going to an unfamiliar salon to have an unknown person cut your hair is scary. But don’t you want an updated ’do? Yes, you do.

Head to the salon armed with a couple of different style ideas and talk with the hairdresser about what you think would suit you. Remember, hairdressers are there to help, so use them as a sounding board. A good hairdresser will be able to recommend a cut that works with your lifestyle, the shape of your face and the products to maintain that look. While you’re there, ask about color too. If you’ve ever wanted to see if blondes really have more fun, why not try now?

If you aren’t absolutely sure you’re ready to make the leap, start with a consultation. That way you’ll get some one-on-one face time and you won’t feel guilty if you bail out at the last minute.

The Wardrobe Malfunction

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be a full-time job, and really, what modern woman has time for that? While staying hip to what’s making its way down the runway may be impossible, letting go of dated wardrobe relics is a must. Why? Well, simply put, they make you look older.

There are many women out there who stick to the same clothing or the same type of clothing for years. After a while, it starts to look like a uniform. And when it comes to clothing, you want to own it, not have it own you.

If you’re one of the millions of women who need a closet makeover, the good news is that working a little style into your wardrobe needn’t be costly. When it comes to buying clothes, the rule is to spend on the classics and save on the trendier stuff. For example, a well-made black blazer is something that you can keep for ages and pair with many different pieces. A bold blouse with a funky design will probably only last you a year at the most before it starts to look “so last season.” Once you’ve ridden the fad out, you can toss those items of clothing without looking back.

If you don’t know where to start, ask some of your clotheshorse friends or relatives to help—they are probably looking for an excuse to go shopping anyway. If you trust their taste, let them guide you toward a hipper wardrobe. You also might want to leaf through a couple of magazines to see what appeals to you before you pound the pavement. That way you’ll have a better idea of what you are looking for.

And by the way, while you are out and about, don’t be shy. Try on everything and anything you want regardless of how it looks on the hanger. This is about breaking the mold, remember?

Now that you’ve decide to update your look, tell us what trend, past or present, you couldn’t wait to see die.

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