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Dating Resolutions for 2012

By eHarmony Staff

Dating Resolutions for 2012

It’s the circle of holiday life: shortly after you finish that last indulgent holiday meal, you start making impressive healthy–living resolutions for the New Year. And you keep them — until mid-January.

This year, don’t just resolve to lose 5 pounds or quit one of your vices. Make resolutions that challenge you to step outside of that comfort zone and try new things.

If you’re single and find yourself tempted to write “find a significant other” on that list of New Year’s goals, why not create a few dating resolutions?

Dating Resolution: Say “Yes” to Someone Who Isn’t Your Type

Sometimes opposites attract. Sometimes carbon copies end up living happily ever after. The key is to give dates a chance. Sure, we all gravitate to a certain look, demeanor or social circle, but it doesn’t mean that Mr./Ms. Right isn’t outside of that. Maybe the person you need is a surprising one.

Dating Resolution: Try Something New

Stuck in a rut? Make 2012 the year for trying new things. Pick a new cuisine on date night. Take that cooking or poetry class you’ve always wanted to attend. Sign up for that singles’ event. It’s easier to meet new people when you expand your life to include new experiences. And when you’re in a relationship, keep things fresh by tackling new adventures together.

Dating Resolution: Go on a Blind Date

If you’re ready to meet someone, drop the pride and finally let those meddling friends set you up with that girl they’ve been telling you about. Consider it a personal challenge. If it fails miserably, you’ll have a fun story to share over drinks with your friends. If it succeeds, you’ll have the good taste of your pals to thank.

Dating can be exhausting. And it’s hard to meet people. Why not let someone who cares about you streamline that process and set up something — complete with a prescreening and recommendations — on your behalf?

Dating Resolution: Say “No” to Bad Dating Habits

Take a look at your dating life as objectively as possible. If you’re perpetually finding yourself in faltering relationships, resolve to approach things differently this year. Maybe you need to assert yourself early on when dating to ensure that your partner is also looking for real commitment. Maybe you need to be more direct and stop “playing the game.” Or maybe you just need to stop wallowing in insecurity and actually take some proactive steps to start dating again. If those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, try to learn from the mistakes of 2011 and prior so that 2012 is a step forward.

Dating Resolution: Make Your Move

Make 2012 the year you put yourself out there. Even the most old-fashioned gals can still be intentional about looking for love. Set up an online profile, initiate conversations with interesting strangers, and attend events with meeting new people on your radar. If you’re dating online, muster up the courage to send that first message.

Don’t let nerves stop you from pursuing a crush. If you’re interested in someone, challenge yourself to ask for a number or, even better, a first date. Live a little more boldly this year. Taking a chance is worth it. The possibility of missing out on something great is far worse than the risk of being turned down.

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