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Counting Down the Biggest Dating Pet Peeves

by eHarmony Staff

From the advice users to the eHarmony team, daters are sounding off on their biggest pet peeves!

Being Late

Are they passive aggressive? Forgetful? Or just disorganized? We aren't sure what the reason is for some folk's habitual tardiness, but it is a pesky pet peeve for many daters.

The Clueless Kisser

The date is going well and then he closes in for a kiss -- a big, wet, sloppy one. Date over...for eternity! The offended did have a good suggestion: Go in slowly and softly, and graduate later to a more passionate lip lock.

Bad Breath

Right up there with sloppy kissers were those who suffer from bad breath. Many daters said this was more than a pet peeve but an absolute deal breaker. Visit your neighborhood dentist regularly, people, as much as you hate it!

Little Ms. (or Mr.) Negative

Whether it's whining, complaining about ex's, or just an overall negative attitude, we don't really know many people who would be able to deal with this issue. The other pet peeve? Talking negatively about oneself ("Oh, I don't know why you'd be interested in me," "I'm a loser," "Life sucks"). See ya later, negative talker!

"And then I said..."

Dating should be a time to get to know each other -- not to necessarily share your life story, verse by verse. Daters quickly lose interest in someone who does nothing but talk about themselves -- and don't even notice how annoyed the person is at the other side of the table.

The Lush

We weren't surprised at how many said it was a pet peeve when their date had a few too many. Talking to an intoxicated individual is frustrating, to say the least.

Remote Controller

We are sure there are a few ladies out there who do this as well...but many told us that a major pet peeve is when their guy comes in and just takes over the TV. Does it matter that she's watching her fave program? Nope! When the game is on, that takes priority. Grrrr....

No Manners

"Whatever happened to table manners?" some wrote in. Complaints included dates who ate with their mouths open, took food from the other person's plate. In a non-restaurant setting, women's pet peeves had to do with men who didn't open the door for them.

Mr. Rude

One of the biggest pet peeves? Being rude to any staffers in restaurant or bar settings. A lack of respect for others = trouble ahead.

"This will just take a minute..."

It's not surprising that a major pet peeve is those who either check their messages during a date or even chat/text. What is shocking is that so many are still engaging in this behavior.

We would love to hear some of your pet peeves! Please share so maybe we can all learn to be a little more thoughtful and less annoying to one another!

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