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5 Methods for Getting Over Your Ex

by eHarmony Staff

5 Methods for Getting Over Your Ex

Living with the memory of your ex can be a pretty painful and frustrating thing to deal with. Unfortunately, there is no magical pill or potion that can help you feel whole and normal again after you’ve experienced a painful breakup.

Time is the only thing that will heal you completely, but there are some things you can do to speed the process along. If you’re searching high and low for ways to get over your ex, check out the five tips below for some helpful ideas.

1. Acceptance

It can be really hard to accept that you’ve lost someone you love. However, acceptance is the first step to really healing the pain that you’re feeling. Do you still call your ex, drive by his or her house, write letters or initiate contact in other ways? These types of behavior will not allow you to accept and heal the way you need to. Stop contacting your ex and make a conscious decision to move on with your own life. When it gets really tough for you to accept that you and your ex are over, never underestimate the power of ‘moving on’ songs and chocolate ice cream.

2. Call Up the Girls or Guys

Another thing that can really help you get over your ex is getting back into your social circles. Call up your friends and make plans with them – even if you don’t feel like going. This will give you a chance to catch up on the important gossip, laugh a little bit and feel a little more normal. Friends can be a really amazing source of support when you’re feeling terrible. You can also go over the details of the relationship and breakup as much as you want without having to pay an hourly fee – feedback and opinions are included.

3. Work on Improving Yourself

When you’re feeling lower than low, one of the greatest things you can do is work on improving yourself. Start a new, healthful diet to feel better about your health. Take a few classes at your local community college where you can meet new people and broaden your horizons. Go on a trip. Do things that make you feel better about yourself. Being proactive is a great way to speed up the healing and gain new self-esteem and confidence.

4. Find a Passion

Creative outlets are underrated. Try different types of art such as painting, writing, photography or something similar. This will allow you to express yourself on a deeper level, which is really great for your emotional health. You might even discover that you have a hidden talent! Participating in art calms the body and mind, allowing you to reduce the stress, frustration and pain that you’re feeling now.

5. Keep Your Sense of Humor

If you can’t laugh at yourself and your situation, you’re doomed! While heartache is not a funny subject, finding humor in the midst of all that pain is very healing. Realizing the silly mistakes you make sometimes or the hilarious situations that you get yourself into are great ways of finding the humor in your situation. Laughter is very healing and allows us hope and a sense of well-being that we need in order to move on with a happy, healthy life.

While heartache is a terrible thing to suffer through, it will get better. By utilizing the five tips above, you can feel better, take control of your life and move on!

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