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Top Ten “Can’t Stands” for Men

I Can't Stand Someone Who Likes to Spend Excessive Time as a Couch Potato.

eHarmony’s "Can’t Stands" and "Must Haves" feature allows users to create a concise list of traits that are important to them in a relationship partner. Since 2000, millions of users have used this feature and selected the traits and behaviors that matter most to them. We’ve done the math and are happy to bring you the ten most popular "Can’t Stands" for men. We’ll be publishing the "Can’t Stands" for women as well as the "Must Have’s" in future articles.

I Can't Stand Someone Who Likes to Spend Excessive Time as a Couch Potato.

#10 - There's nothing wrong with relaxing, but being in a relationship with a couch potato can get old fast. In fact, men are so wary of lazy women that it sneaks into the Top Ten list of Can't Stands.

I Can't Stand Someone Who is Constantly Unhappy About Her Life

#9 - A partner who is constantly in a state of depression and unhappiness can feel like wearing a lead weight. Men have had enough experience in these relationships to rank partners who are constantly unhappy as a #9 Can't Stand.

I Can't Stand Someone Who Can't Manage Their Anger, Who Yells, or Bottles It Up Inside

#8 - If you've ever been in a relationship with someone who has anger management problems, you know the feeling. Angry outbursts come from nowhere, and you end up arguing about things that happened weeks or months ago.

I Can't Stand Someone Who Uses Illegal Recreational Drugs

#7 - Depending on where you live, the laws pertaining to drug use are in a state of flux. One thing that eHarmony men seem clear about, they can't stand illegal and recreational drug use. It ranks here at #7.

I Can't Stand Someone Who Has a Devious Nature and is Mean to Others

#6 - Practical jokes can be fun, but life's no joke. Very few of us want to be with a partner who is devious or mean.

I Can't Stand Someone Who Engages in Sex Outside a Committed Relationship

#5 - We all want a partner who is faithful to us, and men rank infidelity as a #5 Can't Stand.

I Can't Stand Someone Who is Not Clean

#4 - There's just a certain level of hygiene that we all take for granted. Learning that someone isn't interested in cleanliness is a big deal for most men.

I Can't Stand Someone who is Belittling, Impatient, or Hateful to People in Any Situation

#3 - We've all been on the date where your companion abuses the waitress. You can't help thinking, "How long before I get this treatment?" You know it won't be long, and so abusive people rank highly on the Can't Stand list for men.

I Can't Stand Someone Who Takes Advantage of People

#2 - This Can't Stand goes straight to the fear of betrayal. We all want to be with someone who we can trust to guard our back.

I Can't Stand Someone Who Lies to Anyone - Especially to Me.

#1 - Clearly, men feel that no relationship can go forward with a dishonest person, making lying the most popular Can't Stand of all.

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