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Not sure how to meet that alluring stranger? We’ve got pickup lines for just about any situation.

pickup  lines for the bookstore

Ten Pickup Lines for the Bookstore

Bookstores are chick-flick-approved meeting places. They can be great locales to use pickup lines in the real world, too. Just lay on the charm and the literacy. Here are our top ten pickup lines to use at the bookstore: 1. Grab a dating advice book and ask if you can test-drive a pickup line on her. […]

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pickup lines for the grocery store

Pickup Lines for the Grocery Store

Everybody’s gotta eat. The grocery store is a great place to meet cute strangers in your neighborhood — ones who might even be able to cook! Here are ten pickup lines to try at the grocery store. (A sense of humor is required.) 1. “Let me help you with that.“ The most practical of the lines […]

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pickup lines at a coffee shop

Ten Pickup Lines for the Coffee Shop

You’re picking up your morning coffee at The Coffee Bean when you notice a cute stranger sitting at a table alone. Here are ten coffee-shop-approved pickup lines. Caffeine recommended. 1. If the person is behind you in line, pay for their order. (Actions speak louder than words, after all.) 2. Comment on his/her order. “Black coffee. A […]

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10 Pickup Lines for Valentine’s Day

If you’re hoping to score a date for Valentine’s, why not use the Hallmark holiday to your advantage in your pickup approach, too? Here are 10 pickup lines for Valentine’s Day: 1. Use a classic: “Will you be my valentine?” 2. For the Simpsons fan: “I choo-choo-choose you.” 3. Keep it sweet: “You’re so sweet, you could put […]

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Hey, I Love Your Shoes (or Handbag or Coat, etc.)

Pickup Lines: Our Top Ten Favorites!

They don’t involve angels from heaven or inappropriate innuendos.

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Pickup Lines that Actually Work

Pickup Lines that Actually Work

“Hey baby, what’s your sign?” is so 1975. Steal one of these 6 non-cheesy pickup lines instead and you’ll see that approaching strangers is easier than it seems.

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When You're the Real 40-Year-Old Virgin

When You’re the Real 40-Year-Old Virgin

For you, The 40-Year-Old Virgin isn’t just a movie, it’s your life. eHarmony has a little insight into your situation, and no, you aren’t alone.

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Between the Pickup Lines

Between the Pickup Lines

With more than 75% of face-to-face communication based on body language alone, what you say isn’t as important as how you say it. By tuning in to the body language of others—as well as your own—you will know whether to keep the conversation going or cut your losses and move on.

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