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Pickup Lines: Our Top Ten Favorites!

by eHarmony Staff

They don’t involve angels from heaven or inappropriate innuendos. We have chosen our favorite pickup lines, the conversation-starters that may actually work when you attempt to meet that sexy stranger.

Nice to meet you, I'm (x) and you are beautiful!

Flattery works wonders on some people. Traditional pickup lines don't always work well on some people. No approach is more direct than this one, so why not give the "honesty is the best policy" a shot?

"I bet you were an awfully cute baby."

Remember what we said about flattery? This pickup line is actually endearing without being offensive, and something she/he would likely not be expecting. Hey, it worked on Jean Harlow in the classic Hollywood flick, "˜The Girl from Missouri.'

"How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!"

It's not crude, rude or over the top — but sort of sweet as far as traditional pickup lines go. If it starts a conversation, you are already one step further than you were before. Who doesn't enjoy a bit of humor?

"Excuse me, but you have something on your face," (when she goes to wipe it off you stop her and say) "No, no leave it. It's beauty."

One of our very own advice users claimed this is how he met his now-wife. We like it!

WHO are you?

We thought this was another simple and endearing approach from an advice user. Remember, it's all about delivery and confidence — so muster up as much charm as you can and have fun with these interactions.

Hey, I Love Your Shoes (or Handbag or Coat, etc.)

The main problems with most pickup lines are that they're too generic and can clearly be aimed at anyone. If you're interested in someone you see while you're out, pick something special about him/her and ask them about it. It's a fairly easy way to start a conversation.

Hi, I would love to get you a drink.

It's not big, it's not clever, but it's straight, simple and directly to the point. Keep it polite, don't be threatening, take no for an answer (if that is the answer), and try not to sound too cheesy.

What Kind of Dog is That?

If the person you have your eyes on is with a "prop," you've already got a clear advantage. Pets famously bring people together on dog walks and in parks and cafes across the country — who doesn't love to talk about his or her furry bundle of joy? You can also take it to the next level by adding the funny/infamous, "Does he/she have a phone number?"

Are You Single?

It's another straightforward approach (see a trend here!?!). The great thing is that you get to the point immediately, no wasted time with this opener.

Hi. Who's your friend?

If you are a bit more daring and playful, you can try this conversation starter. She will either be amused and interested — or not.

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The best romantic relationships include both passion and a great friendship.

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