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Dating Rules for the Texting Generation

The rules have changed in the dating arena, thanks to smart phones and evolving technology! Hint: just because you can break up via text doesn’t mean you should!

E.T. Don't Phone Home!

We know how much you love your iPhone 3GS, believe us, we do—but constantly checking your email, Facebook and voicemails during a date is rude and disrespectful. Put away the phone and give your date some undivided attention. Better yet, switch if off!


We've all heard stories of celebrities who got dumped or did the dumping via text message. So is it ever okay for you to text your breakup announcement to the person you're saying sayonara to? The short answer is no. Even in 2010, breaking up by text message is considered heartless, gutless, and impersonal.

Your Phone Says A Lot About You

Yes, some tech-savvy folks may judge your coolness factor by the phone you own. iPhone owner? You are savvy and sexy. The Droid ? You are on the cutting edge of coolness and technology! Blackberry users? You are to the point and no nonsense!

Beware of Over-Texting

Yes, she wants to hear from you after your successful date, but not ten times in ten minutes! Just like the danger of calling too many times, you can overkill on the texting. For the ladies: Watch the overuse of emoticons!:)

Embrace Today's Technology!

Your dates just got way more multifaceted! Use your Yelp application to track down the nearest coffee house or romantic dining spot. You'll never have to worry about getting lost again with GPS applications. You can check calendars to schedule your next date and commemorate your date with some cool phone pics (and have them to show your friends later!)

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