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First Date Beauty Blunders

By eHarmony Staff for our sponsor, Olay


First Date Beauty Blunders

He finally asked you out. You know exactly what you want to wear. Now it’s time for makeup. Avoid these beauty missteps to ensure a flawless first date look.

First Date Beauty Blunder: Not Caring For Your Skin All the Time

Panicking over fine lines, dull or blotchy skin, and scraggly eyebrows? The easiest way to have that perfect first-date face is to maintain a daily skin-care regimen that has you always looking your best. Don’t ignore your skin until you have plans.

Keep acne at bay with a targeted clear-skin routine. And conquer those signs of aging with an anti-wrinkle complex, like Olay’s Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex, which will keep your complexion glowing and young.

First Date Beauty Blunder: Not Looking Like You

A first date shouldn’t be seen as an invitation to model all the shades of eye shadow in your makeup collection. Often a blunder for women who rarely get dolled up, wearing too much makeup — or trying a new look that doesn’t represent who you are — can distract your date from getting to know the real you.

If you don’t wear much makeup in everyday life, add a touch of blush or lip gloss to your natural look. If you wear a full face of product daily, keep your first-date look consistent with your most common one. Be your beautiful self. Your face doesn’t need a costume.

First Date Beauty Blunder: Masked

Just as you don’t want to wear a makeup look that doesn’t suit you, you also don’t want your makeup to look like it’s just sitting on top of your face. Avoid the makeup mask by wearing foundation sparingly — cakey foundations and powders only draw attention to flaws — blended seamlessly into your face. Make sure there’s no makeup line between your face and neck.

Exfoliate your skin regularly so flaky skin doesn’t interfere with your flawless-complexion mission. For added moisture and a sheer glow, mix a dab of moisturizer into your foundation: instant tinted moisturizer.

First Date Beauty Blunder: Using New Products

Waxing treatments, facial-hair bleaches, at-home hair dyes, depilatory creams, anti-aging products and acne gels: while all of these things can do wonders for your look, if you don’t usually use them, slathering on new chemicals in anticipation of a first date is just begging for rashes, dry patches and allergic reactions.

Just as a marathon runner wouldn’t try a new spicy food packed with mystery ingredients the night before a race, you shouldn’t risk adverse reactions from new beauty products before your big night.

One product we will recommend is the Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo, which is great for sensitive skin and an important part of a successful first date (not having facial hair!). If you have super-sensitive skin you can always test it on a less noticeable area.

First Date Beauty Blunder: Distracting Eyes

They should be framing your eyes, not distracting your date from looking into them. Over-plucked eyebrows and clumpy eyelashes are easily avoidable blunders.

Give yourself plenty of time to put your look together. For perfect eyelashes, curl your lashes first then de-clump your mascara brush before swiping on a coat or two of mascara along your upper lashes. Still clumpy or spider-like? Comb out the clumps with a lash brush, which will help redistribute the product from root to tip.

Have your brows shaped by a professional for optimal face-framing beauty. You can often maintain the arch yourself once you’ve had an eyebrow master perfect it. If you do have an at-home eyebrow mishap, use an eye shadow to gentle fill in the gaps — or apply gentle feathery strokes of an eyebrow pencil — until your brows fill out nicely. Too-thin brows can age you, and too-thick brows, especially untrimmed ones, can look unkempt.

First Date Beauty Blunder: Self-Tanning Adventures

Pale is beautiful. If you must add a little color to your arms, legs and collarbone, don’t wait until the afternoon of your date to give self-tanning a try. Crying over streaky calves will only make your face blotchy, another first-date blunder.

Some experts swear by baby oil as a self-tanning recovery agent. Massage it into your skin then exfoliate your fake tan into submission. Another homemade remedy for unsightly streaking includes gentle scrubbing with lemon juice.

It’s better to use a gentle self-tanning product that allows you to build its color over time. Be sure to wash off excess product from your hands, as tanned palms never look natural. And always have a friend double-check the back of your limbs for missed spots.


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