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An eHarmony Success Story: Suzanne and David

by eHarmony Staff

An eHarmony Success Story: Suzanne and David

David and I were both never married, and we both frequented eHarmony on and off for about five years. There were a zillion matches, and I even seriously dated one of them, but nothing stuck.

David met several women also, but nothing materialized. Each of us had a specific vision of what we deeply desired in a mate, and despite our ages and the resignation we sometimes felt from family and friends, we kept hope alive by keeping our profiles on eHarmony.

At a trying time in my life, as my father was dying from cancer, I logged on again to do something for myself—and frankly, because I still felt I would find my life mate. As I narrowed down the matches, one guy floated to the top. I could sense from his profile that he was sincere, dependable and fun-loving.

Our open communication reinforced all that I had read, and finally he called for our first awkward conversation. It turns out we both knew what we were looking for, because 3 1/2 months after our first date, he popped a “red ring pop” on my finger, told me he loved me, and asked me to go steady.

Seven months after we started dating, David proposed. And we were married 4 months later—exactly one year since we were matched on eHarmony. Our family and friends are thrilled—and I believe my dad (who is now in heaven) is as well.

I’m so glad we didn’t give up…the investment of time and energy was so worth it. Even the disappointments were worthwhile, because they led us one step closer to finding each other. We complement each other in amazing ways even we can’t understand yet, and the transition to happily-married-life has been sweet.

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